Add call to action to your bulk SMS messages.

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Add call to action to your bulk SMS messages.

A call to action or CTA is a phrase designed to encourage people to take a desired action. It is used across all areas of business, particularly in sales and marketing. Call to actions are everywhere, you may not notice them, but they are there.
Here are some great Call to actions to use in SMS marketing messages.

  1. Link to website
    With this, you can ask your customers to click the link to find out more, buy the product you are promoting, sign up, or just browse your website.
    Example “Log on to our website for more information” or “Buy now and save 40% here”
  2. Text back
    When you add ‘please text us back’ at the end of your message, you can get your customers replying to you quickly. The end user has received your message on their phone, and replying is swift and easy.
    Two ways you can allow your customers to text you back:
    Example “If you want to learn more about the services we offer, please text us back with any questions.”
  3. Call us
    Asking customers to call you is just as easy as for them. Either include a phone number in the body of the message. Make sure you have enough people to answer the calls Schedule your messages and spread your messages over a couple of hours.
    “To speak to one of our advisors call us back on this number.”
  4. Visit us
    You may want to use SMS to increase footfall to your store, so the correct call to action here would be to ask them to visit your store. We would advise that you either include the address of your store in the body of the message, a link to google maps, or a link to your website where they can find your store location on.
    Some of your customers may only ever shop online and do not know where your store is, so just asking customers to visit your store without including any directions is poor customer service. Spending time locating a store could decrease the likelihood of them visiting you.
    “Come visit our store located on Highland Road just off the main high-street.” or “Come see us in store and save, we are located here”

Remember that no matter which of the 4 options you use in your SMS messages, make certain it is clear what you want your customers to do. Ask them to call or text you back, tell them if they want more information to visit your site or come to your store. Don’t just include your telephone number or website link without specifically asking them to do something with it.

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