Advantages of Bulk SMS

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Advantages of Bulk SMS

This article hopes to explain to you the advantages of bulk SMS. You have probably heard about bulk SMS service and how it is one of the most useful tools that a business or organization can use to interact with their customers and audience.

It’s surprisingly effective, simple and easy to use. Sending bulk SMS free online to your customers may seem too good to be true. With our bulk SMS website, you’ll enjoy greater customer engagement, reliable delivery, Integration of your online/offline marketing channels, stunning insights about your customer base at a cost-effective rate. Let’s show you the advantages of Bulk SMS you stand to enjoy as you open your first bulk SMS Account.

Top 8 Advantages of Bulk SMS

Below are 8 advantages of bulk SMS services that will interest you.

1.  Bulk SMS Service Will Boost Your Customer Engagement

The number of mobile phone users has been increasing dramatically year-over-year. Data shows, the number of mobile phone users in Nigeria over 100 million. A typical cell phone user will touch their device an average of 150 times daily. While those numbers can be surprising when it comes to bulk SMS service, they can work in your favour. Every time mobile phone users pick up their phone, it is an opportunity for them to see a message from your business or organization.

2. Bulk SMS is More Reliable Than Email

Did you know that 98% of bulk SMSs sent via bulk SMS portal is opened within 5 minutes? Meanwhile, email-based on statistics has an average response time of 90 minutes with an average open rate of 20%. This means that bulk SMS service will help you bypass the email spam filter. Secondly, you will enjoy an almost guaranteed open rate. And for most customers, bulk text messaging is a preferred method of communication. This means that they’ll enjoy it more than phone calls and email. So rather than spend lots of time and money carefully crafting emails that’ll end up in the spam folder, start using mass text messaging. You will enjoy a direct line of communication between you and your customers.

3. You Can Integrate Bulk SMS with Other Marketing Channels

Most bulk SMS service providers will allow you to integrate with other marketing channels. Integrations are not just restricted to other software that you can connect to. It also involves connecting your various marketing campaigns so they work together for better results. For instance, a retail business can include their keyword and a short on a receipt or invoice and encourage their customers to text in to redeem a special discount on their next purchase.

4. Attract, Connect and Learn More about Your Customers with Bulk SMS

You have probably seen quite a number of businesses acquiring new customers through SMS bulk messaging. You will usually see companies telling people to text a code to a phone number to opt-in for whatever offer they are providing. Bulk SMS messaging can help you attract new customers as well as grow your customer base.  Again, Bulk texting is more relaxed than phone calls and less intrusive. For instance, instead of calling customers to remind them of a scheduled appointment, you can send a bulk SMS they can read at their convenience.

5. Bulk SMS is the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Channel

The cost of many other advertising programs is increasing year-over-year while yielding fewer results. With bulk SMS service, you can achieve a drastic reduction in marketing cost with high ROI.

With the cost of N1.85kobo per SMS unit, frequent and faster open rate, it’s no surprise that businesses that use bulk SMS service are seeing increased sales and revenue.

6.Better Customer Service

Adding bulk SMS service as part of your customer service feature can help enhance your ability to serve your customers efficiently and effectively. Again, for example, offers a detailed delivery report that can help you track your messages to be sure they actually delivered.

7. Enhance team communication

Bulk SMS messaging doesn’t have to be for customers alone. You can send meeting notifications and setup, plan events, cancellations alert, etc. the good part about bulk SMS service is that you will have a record of all communications sent via the ‘’SMS History Icon’’ as found on our bulk SMS website.

8. Schedule SMSs in advance

One of the most amazing features on is the ‘’schedule SMS icon’’. This feature allows you to plan and shape your messages in advance. You may not always have the time to write your SMS on the date and time you planned to send it. With bulk SMS service, you can write your messages in advance and schedule the date and time you want it to deliver. Isn’t that amazing?

How Does Bulk SMS Work?

The bulk SMS service system is designed as a web-based application. And so all bulk SMSs are sent through a web application which is connected to the internet.  For example, is a web application that is connected to the internet. The web applications are in turn connected to Mobile Network Operators like MTN, GLO, 9mobile and Airtel via SMS gateway providers. This web application allows you to send SMSs by using a web browser.

So in clear terms, when you send bulk SMS using 141sms platform (web application), the messages and phone numbers are first submitted to SMS gateway providers that are connected to MTN, GLO Airtel and 9mobile (i.e  Mobile Network Operators) and the Mobile Network operators broadcast the SMS to their customers.

How to Send Bulk SMS Free Online

Follow these simple steps below to send bulk SMS free online

  • Type on your browser
  • Click on register

As the leading bulk SMS provider, we have helped thousands of businesses achieve SMS success. Don’t have a bulk SMS account yet, click to register for free. Call 08062145589 or email for enquiries.

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