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Which bulk SMS provider is the best? This a commonly asked question by everyone looking for a bulk SMS Service. Bulk SMS messaging is very important to the business operation of many companies in Nigeria. Hence, many organizations want to ensure they get the best bulk SMS service provider. Every business wants to achieve a higher return on investment on the money they spend on their marketing and advertising activities. What is the benefit of having a bulk SMS service that will not give you the best of services?


The duration the bulk SMS service provider has been in operation.

One of the major challenges of eCommerce in Nigeria is the issue of trust. Most individuals and organization find it difficult to trust a business operating online because of stories of swindles and fraud. It is then wise to use a bulk SMS provider that has been operating in business for a good number of years. Our bulk SMS Company has been doing business since 2009 in Nigeria. We have efficiently served numerous businesses since then. By 2020, will be 11 years in operation. So when thinking, “Which bulk SMS provider is the best”, Choose us as your bulk SMS service.

Reliability of the bulk SMS service provider.

Every business wants a reliable bulk SMS service provider. It is very important for a bulk SMS platform to very reliable. The bulk SMS messages should get to their recipients promptly. The bulk SMS Service should not suffer unexplainable downtime frequently. The bulk SMS platform should be dependable. is one of the most reliable bulk SMS services in Nigeria. Our customers can testify to the fact that we are a bulk SMS service you can trust. If not we would have been out of business by now.

Great customer support.

The most important activity in any online business is customer support. Every bulk SMS Service should have quality customer support. Customers do not deserve to have poor treatment from any business. They are the reason any business exists in the first place. Customer support staff should be friendly and ready to assist. We should not expect that the customers understand the technology behind bulk SMS messaging. Hence, it is very important to be patient when attending to anyone buying from a bulk SMS provider. At, we have excellent customer service. We treat our customers like Kings and Queens.

Easy to use bulk SMS platform.

Bearing in mind that most people are not tech-savvy, a bulk SMS website should be easy to access and use. A simplified bulk SMS website will give the customers the opportunity to get their messages sent easily. Our bulk SMS website is as simply as ABC to use. The navigation is easy to understand. You do not need to be a computer geek to use our bulk SMS platform. We also have video tutorials detailing how you can send bulk SMS using our website. Below is an example of such a video.

Affordable prices

No business should not break the bank to promote their products and services. Marketing expenditure should be affordable so that the business is profitable. Bulk SMS price should be affordable. Currently, we have the cheapest bulk SMS service. We sell bulk SMS at N1.85 per SMS. Additionally, we give our frequent customers bonuses when they make purchases. This is the best quality and cheapest bulk SMS you can get in Nigeria.

Refund Policy

It is important a business have a refund policy in place. Sometimes customers request for a refund. If it is justifiable then they should get a refund. Our bulk SMS Company has a refund policy in place. We refund customers as the need arises.

Refund Policy for bulk SMS: We are here to serve your bulk SMS messaging needs. Having you on board will mean a lot to us. Need more information call us 08062145589, email: You can contact us by clicking here.

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