Bulk SMS for Black Friday

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Bulk SMS for Black Friday

This blog post will show you how to use Bulk SMS for black Friday sales. Can you believe Black Friday Sales is almost here? So our question is, have you thought about how to use Bulk SMS to capture that anticipated increase? If the answer is yes, but you’re also asking “Where do I start?” then we’ve got you covered. As a retailer, you will agree that holiday sales are essential to increase revenue. 

Black Friday is the kick-off to the holiday season, businesses with smart marketing strategies will get a head-start on seasonal sales. A well-planned holiday bulk SMS messaging campaign can boost your sales. Bulk SMS messaging is a great way to let shoppers know about your deals and promotions on the device they’re sure to be carrying around with them while out and about on Black Friday.

Ways to Use 141SMS Platform for Black Friday Sales

There are many ways to use our bulk SMS website to boost sales. Here are eight examples for you.

1. Give a Discount — Who doesn’t like a Black Friday sale? No one! But make sure to do it right. You can use our bulk SMS platform to send discount offers that will encourage future engagement so that the benefits continue into the next year.

2. Send a promo code – with our cheap bulk SMS service, you can send promo codes to reward loyal customers. Afterwards, you can track how many customers used the code.

3. Order confirmation: you can send bulk SMS to confirm an order soon after it’s been placed.

4. Update: When customers’ order is being shipped, bulk SMS is a great way to let them know.

5. Encourage shopping: When customers abandon carts or stop shopping in the middle of good navigation,  bulk SMS is a great way to alert them to continue shopping.

6. Customer retention: Also, use SMS for customer retention and reactivation, especially for products they purchase regularly.

7.  Send a link – bulk SMS with links are a great way to drive engagement. Our platform allows you to add a dedicated URL so that you can see exactly how many people responded to your text ad

8. Give a reason to call — For businesses that rely on phone orders, our bulk SMS platform support addition of dedicated phone number which will encourage customers to start dialling on Black Friday.

Tips on How to Use Bulk SMS for Black Friday Sales

Here are some top tips on how you can use bulk SMS for black Friday sales

  1. Capitalize on the Excitement

Black Friday is all about the rush of getting deals and checking off names on customers’ shopping list. Capture the emotion of this year seasonal sales in the tone of your texts. Attract customers with your emotive texts!

  • Focus on value:

People aren’t just looking to save money; they’re also looking to save time. Rushing from store to store and waiting in a long queue is the worst part of Black Friday. If you’re a clothing retailer, you can offer a promotion that includes gifts for customers’ entire list. For example, “One-stop shopping. Buy three items and get the fourth one at 40% off!”

  • Build Early:

Begin to send frequent bulk SMSs about products and promotions about two months before the holidays. This will help build momentum towards black Friday sales. This will help keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s attention and provide them with the information they can absorb over time and not in the rush of the Black Friday.

  • Engage them in real-time

Black Friday is about persistent marketing.  So go ahead and boost your sales with bulk SMSs sent weekly about your time-sensitive offers. The more customers see the different promotions, the more likely they will check them out. So, don’t let your business get left behind simply because you don’t want to be pushy.

  • Personalize your messages

One thing that can set your business apart from others is personalization. Sending SMSs to customers based on purchase history is a great way to add a personal touch that will make them feel valued by your brand. If you can help customers get through their shopping list more efficiently and economically, they’ll be grateful and likely to become a fan of your brand.

  • Don’t just market. Build a Relationship

Send a “thank you” SMS that doesn’t include an invitation to spend money once in a while.  And see the extent of customers’ reply to this bit of sincere holiday spirit. Building relationships with customers can make a huge difference between a pushy retailer and a brand that the customer connects with.

  • Reward your loyal customers

Be sure to your most loyal customers feel special by offering them exclusive discounts. When customers know a deal is exclusive, they’re more likely to engage. This can also help grow your opt-in list for customers who want to take advantage of exclusive deals too.

 Useful Bulk SMS Templates for Black Friday Sales

  1. Black Friday Special: Text VIRGIN to join Virgin Active Fitness for N5000 and no dues till January! 50% off personal training as well. Visit
    https://www.virginactive.co.za/ to learn more.
  • No more leftovers! Black Friday special: large cheese pizza N2000 today only. Redeem by replying with the code 0001
  • Exciting News! Our Black Friday sale is extended until Monday. Get your invite and rsvp here : http://clk2.it.2zb93p
  • Do not miss our Black Friday specials – free hand massage at Jane’s Nails. Give us a call on 08062145589.
  • Belk: Black Friday Deals: N3000 Rampage Boots +over 300 Early Birds. Thursday 12/14 – 2pm Friday 12/15.
  • Black Friday Sales: Get 50% off the entire store, plus more great deals this weekend. Visit www.oldnavy.com
  • Enjoy Black Friday with Posh N Pristine Events. Book us for your event and get 50% off. Visit www.poshnpristine.com or call  08035985614

 Ready to kick-start your Black Friday sales? Click here www.141sms.com. If you’re wondering how bulk SMS service can help with Black Friday or any other kind of promotion, give us a call at 08062145589 or email info@141sms.com Contact us

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