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Bulk SMS for churches has numerous benefits. It helps improve communication, grow member participation, and grow the church.

Declining church attendance is something a Pastor does not desire. It is important to know that church members want to be in the loop of activities happening in their local assembly. When people do not get the vital information about the church it will be difficult for them to fully participate.

A church needs to increase the involvement of its members in church activities. There is also a need to communicate with new members as much as possible so they get committed. Maybe you have tried several methods of communication. We assure that using the Bulk SMS service of our company will make a huge difference in your ministry.

how to send bulk SMS for churches
how to send bulk SMS for churches

How Bulk SMS Works for Churches

The Sender ID

Every bulk SMS message starts with a sender ID.   Bulk SMS sender ID is a word, phrase, acronym that represents the name of the ministry.  For example, if you are sending the bulk SMS message from a Redeemed Christian Church of God, Throne of God. You can use RCCGTG as your sender ID.  Then start your message with Redeemed Christian Church of God, Throne of God or include it in the body of the message. Below are some examples;


Body of message: Redeemed Christian Church of God, Throne of God specially invites you to their 3days fasting and prayers. God bless you as you come.

If you do not have your sender ID registered, you can use RCCG as your bulk SMS sender ID and start the message with Redeemed Christian Church of God, Throne of God. This works very well. Because all your church members will recognize the sender ID RCCG and the bulk SMS message open rate will be 100 per cent with a huge response rate.

Here is an example.

Sender ID: RCCG

Redeemed Christian Church of God, Throne of God wants to invite you to their music concert coming up this Friday at the church premises. I love to see you there. Pastor David.

The Body of the Message

Improving communication is the focus of using bulk SMS for churches. You can achieve this by ensuring church members have information about changes in services times and days. Bulk SMS for churches also increases attendance and involvement of church members at cell groups, ministry events and church celebration services. The messages should also be inspiring and encouraging. Prayers and devotionals are great messages that form a part of bulk SMS for churches. An important part of the body of the message is your call to action. The call to action is what you expect your members to do when they received bulk SMS from your church. Do you want them to call back? On the other hand, do you want them to confirm availability for a meeting? It is very important to include a call to action.

Bulk SMS For Churches: Case Study

Redeemed Christian Church of God, Rock City has been receiving plenty of first-timers to church because the worship is located next to a shopping mall. The church has a great opportunity to influence the lives of the residents of the community. They can bring comfort to people through the word of God. The church wants the first-timers to become frequent visitors and committed members.
The pastor in charge teaches an uplifting and encouraging sermon every Sunday. He will also love to do the same on Wednesday, which is the day for the midweek services. However, the turn out for midweek services is always low and he needs it to improve.
Additionally, the church wants to make members receive weekly prayers, new month prayers. So while working on the internet the Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Rock City finds www.141sms.com. He quickly signs up for a bulk SMS account and gets his bulk SMS login details. He then proceeds to buy bulk SMS credit. Then collates the phone numbers of all the members and that of the first-timers. The next day he sends bulk SMS blast to all the contact reminding them about the midweek service. The turnout of the midweek service increases by 30%. He is so full of Joy. Then he starts sending weekly prayers and encouragement to the contacts and he observes improvement in the spiritual growth of the members. Additionally, he also discovers that more and more the first-timers are returning and getting to be full members of the church.

How Can Bulk SMS Grow Your Church?

When a church frequently communicates with its members, the commitment improves. Church members always want to know they have access to information. The church should make every member feel at home. Treat it like a community and you will see increased attendance. Use bulk SMS to send a message for church first-timer follow-up. New members and first-timers should get welcome messages from the pastor; members should be informed about important events. Everyone needs encouragement. There is no better way than to use bulk SMS service to send prayers and inspirational words to the church members. It is clear that sending of church text messages using our bulk SMS platform will increase membership growth.

Why Choose BULK SMS messaging?

What makes bulk SMS churches a great communication tool? See below some reason why sending church text messages for your church works very well.

  1. All your church members can receive SMS messages.
  2. It takes between 1 to 2 minutes to open and read your church text messages.
  3. Average Nigeria is always with their phones and looks it over 100 times a day.
  4. Bulk SMS for churches is very affordable. At our bulk SMS price of N1.85 per it is very cost-effective with a high return on investment.

You can gather now that bulk SMS is an effective and popular communication technique. Everyone sends and receives SMS messages, your churches should benefit from this opportunity. If you send church text messages to your members, be confident they will read it.

How to Get Started

1. Register a bulk SMS account

You will want to open a bulk SMS account on our bulk SMS website, www.141sms.com. It is free to open a bulk SMS account with us

2. Make payment for Bulk SMS credit

After opening your bulk SMS account. You will need to fund your wallet. Our bulk SMS credit is very cheap. We sell at N1.85 per SMS. You can make payments using cash deposits into any of our bank accounts; you can make a transfer into our accounts. If you have a debit card you can use it buy bulk SMS from our bulk SMS website. This is powered by paystack.

3. Notify the Worshipers

 Bulk SMS for churches is not a marketing tool. However, you want the member of the church to aware about it so they can provide their details.  This will ensure everyone is aware of it. 

  • Announce it during meetings
  • Include a form in the first-timers welcome package.
  • Collate data from the church membership register.

4. Text Your Members regularly.

Develop a routine of sending bulk SMS to the church members. Every first-timer should get messages to check up on them and invite them to church. Using bulk SMS for first-timers follow-up is very effective.  Send out weekly prayers and devotionals content.  Also, make sure to send “Happy new month prayers” to members at the beginning of each month.  Do not forget using the bulk SMS platform to send reminders about service days to members. Frequent engagement will give you the results you are expecting.

Bulk SMS for Churches ideas

church text messages
church text messages

Regular Devotionals

Boost the spiritual well-being of your church members. Send regular devotionals or motivating church text messages that inspire individuals to live a victorious Christian life. Example: God will not put an unjust weight on you. You are able to withstand every temptation. Please 1st Corinthians 10:13.

Changes in service time

Inform the entire member when there is a change in service timing.
Example: Service will start at 5pm today instead of 6pm. This enable close on time because of the fasting.

Meeting Updates

Ensure all members are aware of what is happening. Everybody reads his or her SMS messages. Example: Do not miss tomorrow’s prayer meeting at 6 PM! I will love to see you there! – Pastor Thomas

Call for prayers

Bulk SMS is a very fast way of sending a prayer chain request to members of a church. Example: Please pray for South Africa that these xenophobic attacks will end.

Reminders for group meetings

Cell and small groups are significant in any church. They aid church members bond on a level that brings joy and laughter. Send reminders to church members, cell group members, youth group members about meetings and event. Example Reminder: The youth group will be meeting this Wednesday at 6 PM. Bring a friend along.  We will be serving the Word of God and some refreshments


Do not hesitate about taking the right decision to grow your church. Join today and sign up for a bulk SMS account. With all pleasure, we will answer your questions. Call at 08062145589 or email info@141sms.com. We will guide you through the complete process, and give you bespoke advice. Contact us

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