Bulk SMS for Event Planning.

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Bulk SMS for Event Planning.

This article will show you how to use Bulk SMS for Event Planning Business. As an event planner, your job is to eliminate the stress clients feel when preparing for their big day. In today’s competitive market, you must think outside the box if you want to book more events and also reach relevant audiences.

Event planning is more than just handing out flyer and plastering posters on walls. Think about it for a second: more than 90% of adults receive and send text messages with their phones. It is wise, for event planners to include bulk SMS marketing tool to their event planning business.

In the past getting the word out about an event usually posed difficulties. Bulk SMS marketing has changed the idea of event management and is quickly being adopted all over the world. Now let’s find out how you can manage events better with Bulk SMS service.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Event Planning

Not quite sold on the idea of using bulk SMS service for your next event? Here are a few key benefits to consider:

  • Boost attendance. Bulk SMS marketing will help you maximize attendance by keeping guests informed. All you need do is visit www.141sms.com to open a free bulk SMS account. Fund your wallet and start sending reminders to guests before the event date.
  • Sell tickets faster. Slow ticket sales? Not an issue! Using bulk SMS platform to send discounted tickets will encourage people to participate.
  • Improve teamwork. Bulk SMS marketing solutions can help improve internal communication. When an event is managed perfectly, the staffs and clients are happy.
  • Help attendees reach the event. Don’t underestimate the practical power of bulk SMS. It is advised to send a bulk SMS with concise directions on the day of the event.  You can attach a map via a short link for more clarity.
  • Fast & convenient event marketing strategy. If you have a list of contacts readily available, you can send out hundreds of texts with offers and announcements in a matter of seconds.

How You Can Use 141SMS Platform to Manage Events

141SMS platform can help you create meaningful connections, organize staffs, market and book more events. Here’s how you can use 141SMS platform for event management:

  • Organize staff members. Event staffs must be on top of their game. You can make sure that everything is running smoothly by sending bulk SMSs or by intimating staffs, clients and guests of vital information regarding an event.
  • Promote last-minute events. Use 141SMS platform to send out scheduled bulk SMS with information about new events. The urgency factor in bulk SMSs can work wonders for your event.
  • Broadcast your event schedule. 141SMS platform allows you to add events short links to your texts to inform attendees of the event’s schedule.
  • Reservation Confirmations. You can also use bulk SMS messaging to confirm ticket purchases or reservations. Don’t forget to thank attendees for their patronage.
  • Referral Marketing & Discounts. A great way to grow your clients’ base and book more events is to offer discounts and referral bonus. You can text these discounts for last-minute reservations to people who provided referrals.
  • Send out save-the-dates and invitations. With 141SMS platform, you could let guests know that they can request a formal invitation from you if they desire one.
  • Keep your clients up-to-date. Use bulk SMS, to inform clients’ when certain milestones in the event planning process have been achieved.
  • Collect and collate R.S.V.P.s. The 141SMS platform will help you collate R.S.V.Ps instantly.
  • Send responses to guest queries: while guests’ queries are a good thing in terms of helping you catch details you might have missed, getting back to each person in a timely manner might be a bit challenging. Bulk SMS can help you send a reply to them at once.

Useful SMS Templates for Event Planners

Below are a few SMS templates that event planners can use:

1. SMS List Opt-in
Find out more about our keynote speakers, venue, schedule. To benefit from exclusive discounts subscribe to our SMS list. Text Bride&Blossom to 08062145589 today.

2. Last-minute Updates
NOTICE: 200 companies and 40 keynote speakers have confirmed their presence at the Entrepreneur Hub Event. Consultant Iyke Fred will take the stage on 6th June 2014.  Don’t miss it!

3. Schedule Information
Are you set for the biggest social media event of the year? Check out our full schedule at: bit.ly/schedule. – Entrepreneur Hub

 4. Reservation Confirmations
your payment for two early-bird tickets at the Entrepreneur Hub has been processed. Please reply RES to this text to confirm your reservation for 3rd May 2013 (day 1) and 4th May 2013 (day 2) see you soon!

5. Refer a Friend
Bring a friend to the Entrepreneur Hub event and get 20% off your ticket. Bring three friends and get 50% off. Bring seven and enter for free. Learn more about our referral program at Posh N Pristine

6. Discounted tickets
Only 100 tickets left for the biggest social media marketing event of the year! Grab your tickets today at a discounted price. To redeem your discount, text SMM2018” to 08062145589.

7. Communication for Staff Members
The event will start at 10.00 am. Food & drinks must be ready at 9: 30 and champagne to be served at 16.00 pm.

8. Directions to the Event
“Take a right on living word street and then a left at the second intersection. Still confused? Take a look at our map: bit.ly/event-map.”

As a leading bulk SMS provider in Nigeria, our bulk SMS website has help lots of events planners stay on top of things. Don’t have an account; click www.141sms.com to register for free. Please contact us for inquires. Call 08062145589, email info@141sms.com 

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