Bulk SMS For Real Estate Companies

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Bulk SMS For Real Estate Companies

Thinking how to use Bulk SMS for real estate companies? This article hopes to teach you how to use Bulk SMS service to help boost your real estate business. In a crowded market, how do you make your properties stand out? Your clients need to see that you’re a creative realtor, and that starts with your marketing. To take your real estate business to the next level, you need to invest in a results-driven marketing tool.

To be an industry-leading realtor, you need to constantly re-evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Again, you need a tool to engage with your clients often and get them updated. That tool is Bulk SMS. Our blog post will show the use of Bulk SMS For Real Estate Companies.

In the ever-changing real estate industry, bulk SMS service remains a trusted tool. From advertising housing listings to engaging with new and old clients, bulk SMS allows unique access to your customer base. So, whether you’re a property owner, manager or tenant, bulk SMS For Real Estate Companies can help simplify, improve and boost your real estate business.

You need a tool that doesn’t just create awareness but also makes sure of direct and easy communication.

Why Should You Take Advantage Of Bulk SMS Platform For Your Real Estate Business?

If you need to drum up your business quickly, sending bulk SMS is the way to go. Bulk SMS has some impressive leads generation that realtors can maximally work with. No other channel generates the high engagement rates that bulk SMS does. Below are some of the reasons why you should use bulk SMS platform.

1. Helps you send more targeted SMS to clients depending on what they opt-in for.

2. Helps build a business to customer (B2C) relationship

3. Save marketing Budgets

4. Fast delivery

5. High open and response rate

6. High readability rate

7. Saves valuable time and energy

9 Ways You Can Use Our Bulk SMS Platform to Boost Your Real Estate Business

1. Property alerts

Once you create a contact list of interested clients, new properties, price reduction alerts can be sent to them via a bulk SMS platform.

2. Reminders and notifications

Reminder on rental payments, overdue bills etc can be sent to tenants via bulk SMS websites. Bulk SMS can also be use to remind prospective tenants and homeowners of viewing times and location.  This will reduced the number of no-shows and ensures that the property is open, clean and viewable when necessary. For example

Sender ID: SmitRealtor

Message body: Hi Tony, we’re hosting an open house today for a property I think you’d be interested in. 324 mainland strt.  At 2pm. would appreciate your presence.  – Smith Jones, Realtor

3. Fault logging

Bulk SMS has proven to be a great way to notify estate residents of any unexpected inconveniences. For example, when there is a new property development or electricity outage bulk SMS can be sent to inform the residents of the upcoming disturbances. This allows property managers to manage residents’ expectations and reduce complaints.

 Whether tenants need to inform the agent of a broken appliance or if they simply want to ask a question about the property, bulk SMS is the perfect platform.

4. Place orders

Once the advertisement message is sent, a call to action allowing clients to place orders can be included, where they just have to send a word or phrase to a short code.  With Bulk SMS, clients can place orders with the real estate agents.

Sender ID: SmitRealtor

Message body: Hi, thank you for signing up on our SMS list. Are you seeking to sell or buy a home?

5. Ask clients for feedback and review

Feedbacks and reviews from clients or tenants can also be gathered through bulk SMS. With this, you can know which things needs attention in the estate and promptly handle it, thereby fostering lasting relationship with the clients. For example

Sender ID: SmitRealtor

Message body:  Hi Joy! Thank you for selling yours through Smith Realty! We’re honoured you chose. Would you mind leaving us a Google reviewwww.smithrealtor/review/bitly.us/

6. Communicate eviction notice

In some cases, clients do not meet up with certain requirement or agreements and unfortunately have to be evicted. Bulk SMS can be used to communicate eviction notice to such clients stipulating the reason and the expected time of departure.

7.  Send payments reminder

Bulk SMS can be used to remind tenants of rents payments when due. Save the time used in visiting such tenants or putting a call across that may not get through.

8. Send invitations for training and events

Realtors may organize seminars and workshops time after time in training people on the real estate business. Invitations for the event and reminders of date and time can be communicated through the use of bulk SMS.

9. Generate Leads

You can set up a real estate bulk SMS campaign to encourage potential leads to opt-in via SMS. Realtors can follow up with a text message asking questions about clients’ budget and choice of property. The client can then reply to a short code with their requirements.

Where to Start?

To begin, you need to decide on which bulk SMS provider to go with. Once you’ve made a choice, register, fund your account, and start sending out SMSs.  To learn more about best bulk SMS provider in Nigeria

www.141sms.com is a leading Bulk SMS provider in Nigeria.  We have help Real Estate agents in Nigeria generate new leads and increased retention rate of existing clients. Open a free bulk SMS account with us today and enjoy cheapest bulk SMS service. For inquires, call 08062145589 or email info@141sms.com

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