Bulk SMS for Salons and Spas

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Bulk SMS for Salons and Spas

Learn how to use Bulk SMS for Salons and Spas with this blog post. Does the term bulk SMS marketing overwhelm you? It shouldn’t. You don’t have to be a marketing master to experience bulk SMS messaging success. Our cheap bulk SMS service is helping hundreds of salons and spas in Nigeria build a loyal client base. Our bulk SMS platform is simple and easy to use. It just might be the next big growth driver for your business.

Benefits of Bulk SMS marketing for Salons and Spas

Salons and spas can reap innumerable benefits from using bulk SMS. Here are some of the benefits

  • Reduce the number of appointment No-Shows. With bulk SMS service, you can reduce the number of appointment no-shows. Set up your scheduled bulk SMS and let www.141sms.com do the rest.
  • Increase in revenue. Use our bulk SMS website to send targeted texts to promote new products and special deals in order to increase revenue.
  • Encourage customer loyalty. If you inform customers of special offers via bulk SMS, you can be sure your message will be seen and sales will increased.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns are a lot cheaper than traditional advertising strategies. You can reach customers via bulk SMS Instead of printing flyers and ads.
  • Increase referrals. With bulk SMS, you can encourage referrals by offering discounts to regulars that send new clients your way.
  • Improve customer service. Bulk SMS can help you resolve all customer service issues thereby fostering a lasting relationship.

Ways Salons and Spas can Use 141SMS Platform

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use the 141SMS platform for your salon and Spa

  • Send price lists via text message. With our platform you can attach a short link with your salon’s price list to prepare customers for their next booking.
  • Offer mobile tickets and vouchers. 141sms.com allows you to send bulk SMSs to loyal customers with tickets and vouchers. You can offer rewards every few visits to encourage customers to return in the future.
  • Send appointment reminders or fill empty ones. With bulk SMS you can request appointment confirmations to reduce the number of no-shows. By targeting customers with special offers you’ll be able to limit the number of no-shows and book empty appointments quickly.
  • Get instant feedback from clients. You can send and manage mobile surveys via bulk SMS. Encourage customers to complete the surveys to access exciting rewards. This will assist you to get insights into how your services are being received.
  • Send targeted messages to clients. Use the bulk SMS service to send information based on your clients’ interests. Notify them of promotions similar to their interests.

Useful Bulk SMS Templates for Salons and Spas

1. Appointment Reminder
Don’t forget your 30 minutes blow-dry at Ada Salon at 2pm today! Reply to this text message with 2 to confirm or 3 to cancel your appointment. See you soon.

2. Hi James! Just wanted to remind you of your appointment at Glamz Cut Salon tomorrow at 1pm. To cancel, please call 08062145589. See you soon!

3. Last Minute Appointments
Hi Charity! Get a 20% discount on your next make-over by booking an appointment for Tuesday or Thursday. Call 08062145589 to book.

4. Promotional Texts (to encourage more opt-ins)
Reply to this text with ManiPedi and get 50% off your next manicure or pedicure.”

5. Friend Discounts (to expand customer base)
refer a friend to get a free cut and dry at Glamz Hair Cut. Call 08062145589 to learn more.

6. The Rainy Day (for slow days)
Not quite up for going out today? We’ll make it worth your while! Show this text to one of our staff today and get 40% off your cut.”Glamz Hair Cut

7. Feedback after Appointments
Happy with your cut? Please rate our services on a scale from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) and get 20% off your next cut. Glamz Hair Cut

 8. Customer Polls
What do you think our staff members could improve:
A. Social skills
B. Speed
C. Equipment
Vote now and receive 10% off your next visit. Glamz Hair Cut

9. Return Customers
“We miss you! Receive a complimentary blow-dry if you schedule an appointment within the next 72 hours. See you soon! Glamz Hair Cut

10. We haven’t seen you in a while! Book an appointment today and receive a complimentary manicure. See you soon! Posh Salon

As a leading bulk SMS provider in Nigeria, our bulk SMS website can help you improve your salon and spa business. Don’t have an account; click www.141sms.com  to register for free. Please contact us for inquires. Call 08062145589, email info@141sms.com

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