Bulk SMS Marketing for a School.

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Bulk SMS Marketing for a School.

An effective marketing strategy for every school is creating awareness using different channels. We have here some bulk SMS marketing strategies for schools. If you are looking for Bulk SMS Marketing for a School, you are in the right place. Our price is as low as N1.85 Per SMS with guaranteed results.

1. Send bulk SMS 20km radius of the school location.

If your aim is to create awareness for your school. One strategy that has worked for our clients is sending the bulk SMS to recipients’ 20km radius of your school location. You can also add Google map links to your school SMS Example a school in Ikeja. Sending bulk SMS to Ikeja database 20km radius of your school will yield great results.  ; If you need to get contacts around any location in Nigeria. Please contact us.

2. Use School as the sender ID the bulk SMS for school campaign.

Another strategy is to use School as a Sender ID for messages promoting a school’s open day. It works this way.  If you send messages with sender ID School, the word resonates with many people. Therefore, the open rate for the bulk SMS sent will be higher.  Example the name of your school is GRACE COLLEGE. Send the bulk SMS with sender ID School. Then start the message with Grace College will like to introduce their new school to you. Our address is…

3. Send school preparation tips as bulk SMS.

Advertising is not the only way to increase awareness of your school. Sharing free school preparation tips by sending bulk SMS to contacts can generate awareness about your school and increase enrollment.  E.g. you can send back-to-school checklist via bulk SMS to contacts of people 20km radius of your school then add hope you find this helpful and the name of your school. This will put the name of your school in the mind of the recipients.

4. Add your School website link to your bulk SMS Messages

One of your digital assets is your school’s website. Therefore, it is a great strategy to include your website link to all your bulk SMS messages. This way the recipients will visit the website and know more about your organization. 

If you are looking for great bulk SMS marketing statistics you can find some here.

We at 141sms.com have helped over 50,000 customers lower communication expenses while increasing awareness about their businesses. We are a leading bulk SMS provider in Nigeria. We will be delighted to help your school achieve the best in using bulk SMS for marketing.

We also have phone numbers of residents of Abuja, Lagos and other cities in Nigeria. We will give you this free if you use our bulk SMS website.

Contact us now click here. You can register to open an account it is free.

You can call, text or WhatsApp us on 08062145589 Email: info@141sms.com Our Support line is +2349065160234

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