Bulk SMS Marketing for Gym & Fitness Centres

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Bulk SMS Marketing for Gym & Fitness Centres

Bulk SMS Marketing for Gym & Fitness Centres

In this blog post, we’ll share with you how to use bulk SMS marketing for gym and fitness centres. Bringing in new memberships and retaining existing ones requires a lot of time, effort and resources. But, where do you start? The success of your business relies on your ability to raise awareness and convert leads into members. So you need to use high growth marketing tool that works. Fortunately, we have had lots of experiences working with gym owners just like you. At www.141sms.com, we know the steps your business should absolutely follow on the path to gym marketing success.

Benefits for Gym & Fitness Centres

  • Real-Time Communication with Clients. With Bulk SMS you can inform clients of time changes, closures, and cancellations.
  • Manage Staffing Issues. Bulk SMS services can also help you manage staffing issues. Use bulk SMS to notify staff members of schedule changes or cancellations.
  • Build a Strong Subscriber Database. Bulk SMS can help you grow your customer base at a cost-effective rate.
  • Encourage Prospects & Clients to Take Action. With excellent Call-To-Action (CTAs) in your bulk SMSs, you can be sure to close deals faster.
  • Save Time and Aggravation. With bulk SMS, gym instructors can be sure to save valuable time and energy. It’s faster and cheaper than calls. With N1000, you can send bulk SMSs to 540 people at the same time for as low as N1.85 kobo per person.
  • Send Payment & Renewal Reminders Instantly. Bulk SMS offers schedule SMS option. You can schedule payment and subscription renewal reminders to clients

How Gym & Fitness Centres Use Our Platform.

The biggest struggle for gym and fitness centres is keeping customers on the right track. You may already be offering inspirational materials, personal coaching, loyalty programs, and digital marketing, but are you leveraging the power of bulk SMS? Here are a few ways in which you can use our bulk SMS messaging services for your gym and fitness business.

  1. Acknowledge Clients for Registering at the Centre. Use 141SMS platform to welcome new members. This will make them feel special, empowered, and proud. Again, you can use our schedule SMS feature to send periodic encouragement texts to your loyal clients.
  2. Announce New Classes & Programs. With 141SMS platform, you can inform users of new classes, programs or training. You can encourage people to enrol by using keywords and codes. You can also add your centre’s URLs that redirect the user to landing pages with additional information. Offering discounts to mobile subscribers to make them feel special.
  3. Encourage Clients to Come Back Through SMS Reminders. With 141SMS platform, you can send reminders to users who have missed a few days of exercise. Sending out words of encouragement and positive vibes via SMS work wonders for customer retention.
  4. Appointment Reminders & Cancellations. 141SMS platform has schedule SMS feature that gym instructors can use to avoid no-shows.
  5. Reward Loyal Users with Fitness Deals. With 141SMS, you can send fitness deals to loyal customers

Sample Messages for Gym & Fitness centres

ALPHA GYM would like to invite you to an open spin class on January 18, 2017. Sign up by replying ‘’ALPAGYM’’ to 08062145589

2. Special Training Session
Text “TRAIN WITH DEDE” to this number 08062145589 for a free fitness training session, Saturday at 6 p.m.!”

3. Sign-up Encouragement
Sign up for our new spin classes until the end of March 2014 and benefit from a 20% discount. More details at bit.ly/spin-classes. ALPHA GY

4. Welcome
Welcome to the ALPHA CLUB, our instructors are ready to help you get in the best shape of your life! Drop by for a free lesson. ALPHA GYM

5.Subscriber Special
Hello Jane, Need a boost? Our trainers are eager to help you! Book your free session today at bit.ly/free-session. Regards, ALPHA GYM

6.New Classes
Hi Emmanuel, We’ have added a new spinning class, available Tuesday through Friday. Sign up here: bit.ly/spin-classes. Best, ALPHA GYM

Have you been squatting? Don’t forget to stretch before intense workouts! Learn more about stretching and muscle soreness here: bit.ly/stretching-guide. Stay healthy, ALPHA GYM

Need a workout pal? Refer one of your friends before April 30, 2016, and get a 30% discount.

Ready to use bulk SMS service for your gym and fitness centres? Visit www.141sms.com to open a free bulk SMS account today. Call 08062145589 or email info@141sms.com for more enquiries.

Don’t take your gym members for granted. Send out unique text marketing offers, and discourage members from going down the street to your competition.

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