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With our bulk SMS marketing Guide 2019 you can reach millions of Nigerians with your bulk SMS messages.

It is interesting to note that the number of smartphone users in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy and most populous country, will grow to over 140 million by 2025.

Bulk SMS marketing is a low-cost, high-return marketing system that uses SMS messaging to deliver messages or offer to customers. Today, have more mobile phones in Nigerian than TV and computers put together.

Some reasons to use bulk SMS for marketing is its low cost and high open rates. Using our bulk SMS marketing guide, you will have an efficient and reliable bulk SMS platform for communicating with your customers. Below are some of the most effective bulk SMS marketing strategies with bulk SMS message samples we have seen that can yield amazing results in Nigeria

Give incentives in your Bulk SMS marketing
Give incentives in your Bulk SMS marketing

1. Give incentives in your Bulk SMS marketing

Excite your customers by offering deals through bulk SMS message. It makes customers feel special. You need to give incentives in your bulk SMS campaigns. Lack of incentives is one of the reasons bulk SMS marketing fails.  Always give your consumers offers, show them a good reason why they should keep opening bulk SMS marketing messages. Incentives can come in the form of discounts and freebies.  “Get 30% off all dress this Thursday. Show this text at the point-of-sale to get the deal”.

2. Send brief and short messages bulk SMS Messages.

Send brief and short messages bulk SMS Messages.

Send brief and short messages bulk SMS Messages.

If you want to engage, your customers use short sentences. It is easier to remember short messages than lengthy ones. When you write long and complex sentences people lose interest fast. One thing you want is for people to remember your messages. Aim at making your bulk SMS messages within 160 characters. These days the attention span is short. Your bulk SMS message should be brief and straight to the point. Ensure your message delivers great value to your customers. This way they are moved to reply with your desired responses.
“Earn a free haircut on your next visit to our hair salon. Text Free to 08062145589 to claim it now”

3. Include a strong call-to-action in your bulk SMS message.

One of the key elements of an effective bulk SMS message is a call-to-action, CTA. The CTA is the most important part of your bulk SMS message; because it tells your customers what you want them to do. A clear call-to-action will give you a very smart SMS bulk message.

The end of the message is the most effective place for the call to action. It serves as the most important thing you want the recipient to do. We have here some examples of a strong and effective call to actions:

•           Act Fast

•           Act Now

•           Add to your

•           Apply today

•           Book now

•           Buy and Save

•           Buy Now

•           Call today

•           Check our

•           Check out

•           Check this out

•           Click button

•           Click for more

•           Click Here

•           Contact us

•           Contact us today

•           Discover

•           Do not buy unless

•           Don’t miss

•           Don’t Miss Out

•           Don’t wait

•           Find out more

•           Find yours

•           Get it here

•           Get More Info Here

•           Get the Best

“Save 50% when you buy any of bags this sales season. Take advantage of this deal today!” Don’t miss out

4. Create a sense of urgency and scarcity

One of the ways to motivate your customers to take a deal quickly is creating a sense of urgency.  Nigerian like putting things on hold until mandatory. When you make your bulk SMS marketing message seem urgent Nigerians act fast. Adding a discount or bonus ends in two days gives them a genuine reason to plan how they can enjoy the offer. Customers don’t like missing out of the best deal, take advantage of it. Below are some phrases you should include in your bulk SMS campaigns to send a sense of urgency and drive sales.

•           limited time

•           only

•           today

•           hurry

•           act now

•           rush

•           last chance

•           deadline

•           final close-out

•           going-out-of-business

•           one day only

•           never again

•           clearance

•           don’t delay

•           now or never

•           don’t miss out

•           offer expires

•           once in a lifetime

•           quick bonus

•           prices going up

•           for a limited time

•           while supplies last

•           today only

•           one-time only

“We are offering a special price slash on a selected item. Hurry while supplies last” Visit www.amazon.com to order.

5. Add Multimedia into your bulk SMS messages.

Sometimes you do not need to write160-characters. Make your bulk SMS messages rich with links to video clips and Images. You can send smart SMS messages by adding YouTube and Instagram URLs to your bulk SMS messages. It will give your customers dynamic information about your business.

“Dear subscriber, here is a video of how you can use 141sms.com to send bulk SMS message. Click here https://youtu.be/vNmoHqm0Bhg

6. Use bulk SMS to ask questions or send surveys.

Customers are the owners of the brand. Use bulk SMS messages to ask customers their opinion on a service, a product or idea. When you have the results of the surveys, send to your customers using bulk SMS.

“Dear Parent, what do you think about the recent documentary about our school? Click here to watch it. https://www.thecavendishschool.com/

7. Drive engagement to your social media.

Use bulk SMS to drive engagement to your social media. Start a contest or sweepstakes on your social media channels. Then direct your customers who are not following you to the page using bulk SMS. 

“Check our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/bulksms_141/” Tag your friends on the comments sections of our recent post and get free SMS credit. Don’t miss”

8. Send texts at the right time.

Send texts at the right time.
Send texts at the right time.

When it comes to sending bulk SMS messages, there is not a specific time that will assure your success. Statistics show that individual check their mobile phone 150 times a day! However, it very important to respect the privacy of your customers. As a bulk SMS company, we advise you to send bulk SMS for at times when customers will not be busy, like before or after work, or during lunch hours. Generally, do not send texts before 9 am or after 9 pm.

9 Add power words to your bulk SMS marketing

Add power words to your bulk SMS marketing
Add power words to your bulk SMS marketing

Make sure to add some power words to your bulk SMS marketing message. According to Smart blogger, “Power words are persuasive, emotional words that trigger a positive or negative response. They can make us feel scared, encouraged, aroused, angry, greedy, safe, or curious.” It is important to use power words sensibly and applicable. With power words in your bulk SMS marketing message, you will be able to get in touch with your recipients’ emotions. Here are some top power words to use

•           Amazing

•           Astonishing

•           Astounding

•           Badass

•           Bargain

•           Best

•           Billion

•           Blissful

•           Bonanza

•           Breathtaking

•           Brilliant

•           Captivating

•           Celebrate

•           Charm

•           Cheap

•           Cheeky

•           Cheer

•           Climax

•           Command

•           Conquer

•           Costly

•           Courage

•           Crave

•           Daring

•           Defeat

•           Delight

•           Delirious

•           Desire

•           Devoted

•           Discount

•           Divine

•           Dominate

•           Double

•           Ecstasy

•           Embrace

•           Enchant

•           Entice

•           Excite

•           Explode

•           Exposed

•           Fascinate

10. Drive traffic to your other channels

Bulk SMS marketing will also encourage increase interaction with your other digital marketing channels. You can use shortened URL in your bulk SMS message to users to your website and other digital channels.
“Dear customers visit our website www.141sms.com to download our bulk SMS marketing guide”. Hurry Now!

11. Minimize special characters

Reduce the use of special characters e.g. &^%#@^  in your bulk SMS messages. Sometimes due to technical specifications, special characters may not work and will show on the customer’s phone as something else.

12. Test your message before sending

Test your message before sending
Test your message before sending

Make sure you test your bulk SMS message before sending them out to the recipients. It will give you an idea of how the customer will perceive the message. A perfect SMS message always yields results. Do not send your messages in a hurry. You should have the best message out to your customers.

13. Segment your bulk SMS marketing list

Segment your list
Segment your list

The exciting results from bulk SMS marketing give an idea of how bulk SMS messages are important for businesses. In bulk SMS marketing you should aim to send the right message to the right recipients. Irrelevant text messages can be annoying to recipients. This is precisely why organizations must use segmentation before sending. Segmenting your database save costs and helps avoid sending inappropriate messages.

Here is some segmentation that you can apply to your bulk SMS marketing list.

  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Behavioural
  • Average customer spending
  • Purchase history
  • Purchase frequency

Using our bulk SMS marketing guide, creating effective marketing copy for your SMS campaigns should now be easy. You will get a better response from your customers by sending the right and appropriate bulk SMS message. This will definitely grow your sales and profits.

Do you have questions or concerns? Let us talk contact us.

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