Bulk SMS Marketing Service Guide

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Bulk SMS Marketing Service Guide

Bulk SMS Marketing Service is a marketing tool used by most businesses to promote their products and services. Bulk SMS works in the same manner as the regular text message. With bulk SMS Service you can send messages to a large number of people at a time. Bulk SMS marketing service is efficient for all types of businesses.

Why Choose Bulk SMS Marketing?

  • Effectiveness – With Bulk SMS marketing, you have a wider reach.  Everyone has a cell phone that’s SMS enabled.  Bulk SMS service is 5X more effective than Email.
  • Open Rate: Another valuable aspect is the open rate. Base on statistics, SMS has a 98% open rate.
  • Speed: Bulk SMSs gets delivered in minutes.  It reaches faster than door to door campaign. It is the quickest way to advertise your business to potential clients.
  • Low Cost and High ROI: Bulk SMS has low set up and running costs with a high return on investment.
  • Time Savvy: Bulk SMS helps you send messages to millions of recipients at the same time.  It saves you valuable time when compared with other marketing tools.
  • More Responsive: Bulk SMS has greater responsive rate when compared to other marketing tools.
  • Warmly received: Bulk SMS when compared to other types of marketing tools involves lesser spam.  Most people are more attentive to their text messages than email. There are only 5% opt-out rates for SMS promotions (Nielsen Survey 2014).
  • Personal Touch: Bulk SMS helps you relate with your customers on a personal level.

What is the cost of Bulk SMS Marketing Service?

Here at 141SMS, we charge as low as N1.85 kobo per SMS page.  At 141SMS, 1 SMS page is equivalent to 1 SMS unit. 1 SMS page equals 160 characters. For example, with N500 you can send 1 SMS to 220 numbers at the rate of N1.85kobo.

How To Get The Best Bulk SMS Price?

  1. Always choose a provider that can give you reliable, quality service. Note that cheaper is not always better. You wouldn’t want your clients to miss out on vital information because of a message sending failure.
  2. Research: Always ask about the reach, history, and relationship with local mobile network operators, these factors can help them secure better prices for you.
  3. According to your budget, always negotiate with your Bulk SMS provider to find the most cost-effective package for your bulk SMS needs.  

How To Send Bulk SMS?

With these simple steps, you can securely send Bulk SMS to thousands of people from the comfort of your home with a customized name (SENDER ID this could be your business, company’s or organization’s name) at a cost-effective rate.

To send bulk SMS from 141sms platform for example, first and foremost you need to

1.Create a bulk SMS account with www.141sms.com with a valid phone number and email address.
2. Fund your wallet with a minimum of N500 for 540 SMS units. (you can either pay cash deposit at the bank, or transfer or better still pay with your debit card via Paystack)
3. Compose an appealing message with a call to action.

4. Arrange your marketing list – I.e phone numbers either in an excel sheet or notepad for upload. 141SMS can give you free numbers from any location of your choice within Nigeria if you register with us.
5.Log back into your SMS account with your password and username
6. Click on the Send SMS icon

7. Click on Bulk SMS (Because you intend to send the messages to more than one number)
8. Enter your sender ID in the field provided.
9. Type in your message in the message field provided

10. Click to select the contact location to either type/paste the numbers or upload the numbers from a file
11.Click Send SMS

12. Add your personal number to the broadcast list to also receive a copy of the SMS you sent.
13. Check your phone for the message. There you have your customized SMS.

Bulk SMS Marketing Service Best Practices

These Bulk SMS Marketing Tips will help you get the most out of your Bulk SMS Service Marketing campaigns.

  • Define Your Target Audience: The first step to take towards a successful Bulk SMS Marketing is to define your target audience.
  • Be Concise, Precise And Keep It Short: SMS may not go beyond 160 characters. So when creating a bulk SMS, ensure it is short, snappy and straight to the point
  • Add a clear Call To Action (CTA): Messages containing Call to action has been proven to ensure an increased conversion rate.  CTA in Bulk SMS Marketing can help you measure how many persons responded to the message you sent.

Sender IDXYZorders
Message body:  Your television has been dispatched. Expected time of arrival is 1 pm –4 pm on 2nd October 2019. If you are not home at that time, please call 08062145589 or reply to this text.

  • Frequency: The best practice is to send at most 2 to 4 texts messages in a month
  • Language: We suggest you use your discretion when abbreviating words. Ensure you are still able to communicate clearly and professionally to your target audience.
  • Value: Let your messages include discounts, offers, vital announcements and information, event alerts etc
  • Timing: Schedule or send your SMS during business hours when they can immediately see and act on your offer.

At 141SMS, you can send Bulk SMS to all GSM numbers and networks in Nigeria with ease. 141SMS offers you Instant delivery, excellent customer support, great promos and bonuses. For further enquiry, call 08062145589 or email us via info@141sms.com. Contact us

Watch this Video for More Bulk SMS Marketing Strategies To Generate More Sales

Bulk SMS Marketing Strategies To Generate More Sales

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