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Bulk SMS Reseller

Are you interested in a Bulk SMS reseller account? Bulk SMS Service is a very profitable venture in Nigeria. According to NCC, about 140 million Nigerians currently use mobile phones. If on the average, one hundred million people send one SMS in a day that will total one hundred million nairas worth of SMS used on a daily basis in Nigeria. This means that Bulk SMS Providers or Companies are making sales of one hundred million nairas in a day. This is so much money that one can tap into right now.

Bulk SMS simply means sending messages to a large number of mobile numbers simultaneously at a cost-effective price. Bulk SMS is commonly used by banks, churches, schools, NGOs, individuals, as well as small, medium and large businesses to raise brand awareness to send notifications, alerts, reminders, greetings, customer service and the list is endless.

A Reseller is a person or company who sells the service or product owned or provided by another company for commission or profit. A Bulk SMS reseller buys SMS units in bulk and sells them in smaller batches to their clients. As Resellers, your interest should be to generate sales and maximize profits.

Bulk SMS Reseller Business

As the name implies, Bulk SMS reselling business involves the act of buying Bulk SMS units or credits at a certain price (Reseller Price) from Bulk SMS Providers and reselling to your clients at a different rate(Reselling Price). For example, buying Bulk SMS units from 141SMS at N1.80kobo per SMS (which is our reseller price) and selling it to your subscribers at N2 per SMS (your reselling price). Isn’t this an easy way to make extra income as well as increase? Alright! Let’s put it this way, if you invest N36, 000 to buy 20,000 SMS units or credits at the rate of N1.80 kobo per SMS unit and you resell at N2 per SMS unit, you will be making a profit of N4000. so if you decide to double the capital, bearing in mind that the SMS units don’t expire, then your profit after reselling will double as well.

Advantages Of Bulk SMS Reseller Business In Nigeria

• Bulk SMS Reselling business can earn you extra income and as well, as increase your income.
• Bulk SMS Reselling business is not time and energy-consuming. It can be done alongside other businesses or a 9 to 5 day time job.
• This business does not require you to recruit staff to handle the sales except you wish to.
• With bulk SMS business, you can work from home or anywhere in Nigeria. You do not need to acquire an office to run this business.
• If you find your 9 to 5 job stressful, you can quit growing your bulk SMS business full time.
• Bulk SMS reselling business can avail you the opportunity to become your own boss working at your own pace.

How Can I Become A Bulk SMS Reseller In Nigeria

Becoming a Bulk SMS reseller in Nigeria does not have many requirements. You need the following:

• A good bulk SMS provider
• Capital (to buy the SMS units or credits)
• Basic knowledge of computer
• Good audience reach

A Good Bulk SMS Provider

141SMS is one of the best bulk SMS providers in Nigeria that you can begin your reseller business with. At 141SMS, you can purchase Bulk SMS units for as low as N1.80 kobo and resell at your own price. We provide Bulk SMS service to industries such as education, transport, insurance, government agencies and parastatals, banks, airlines, health, IT companies etc. At 141SMS, our reseller package offers instant delivery, detailed delivery report within 24 hours, 24/7 customer/technical support, as well as integrate API with your portal or website. 141SMS interface is easy to use, the registration process is simple, selling with your brand name is allowed and encouraged.

Capital (To Buy The SMS Units Or Credits)

The good news is that the capital required to start up a reseller business is relatively low. At 141SMS, with just N36, 000 you can start up your own Bulk SMS reselling business and grow from there. At 141SMS, set up or monthly cost is not incurred. The cost to the reseller for buying SMS credits is as per normal rates stated on our price list. The reseller will need to determine at what price he/she is willing to resell to his/her customers. As a reseller, you may decide to sell either at a higher price or at a lower price.

Other Tools Needed Are:

• Website
• An admin interface to manage your users’ accounts (add, delete, edit, users details as well as add SMS units to clients account)
• Web interface for your users to send Bulk SMS
• Laptop with basic features and can connect to the internet
• Internet connectivity through broadband or a modem which may be wireless or non- the connection is very much needed to access your website or admin panel where you manage your users’ accounts. If you are the type that moves around most times, you may need to use broadband (in the form of a USB) to be able to access the internet wherever you go. Otherwise, you can use a modem either at your home or office.
• It is important to always use your own secure network especially when you will be accessing your emails and online transactions. You can subscribe to the hourly data plans since you may not need to be online for 24hrs, this will mean you will log on and off the internet as required.

How To Register As A Reseller With 141sms.com

First and foremost, you need to open a bulk SMS user account with us via www.141sms.com
The second step is to send a bulk SMS reseller request email on info@141sms.com with your username, names, contact details etc. once we receive your request email, we will begin processing of your request and get across to you within 72 working hours.

Do not wait any further, begin your business as a bulk SMS reseller today and make extra income!
We encourage you to sign up for a free bulk SMS reseller account with us. Visit www.141sms.com to begin. For further enquiry, feedback, comments please call 08062145589 or email info@141sms.com Contact us

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