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Bulk SMS SENDER ID guidelines are for better, easier and quicker delivery of text messages. Following these guidelines, give you the best results from using bulk SMS service. Sender ID is the functionality that identifies where the message is coming from. It tells the recipients the person sending the message. Due to the increasing complaints of spam and fraud in the Telecommunication industry. The NCC, the mobile network operators and Bulk SMS providers had to make some changes to how individuals and organization can make use of Bulk SMS Sender to send text messages.

These guidelines are for better, easier and quicker delivery of bulk SMS messages.

1. Ensure you Sender IDs are registered or whitelisted by us. Due to the do not disturb (DND) directives, Mobile networks in  Nigeria now require that bulk SMS service provider register or whitelist the bulk SMS sender IDs for their customers. So, contact us immediately you register on www.141sms.com to do so before sending messages. If you do not want to wait for your sender ID to be registered. You can use generic sender IDs.

2. Sender IDs should not start with numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Senders IDs starting with numbers are no longer allowed. Please avoid using them. You cannot 123Jess as sender ID. This is a directive from the mobile network operators.

3. Sender IDs should not contain special characters (@,#,”,$,%,&, etc)

Special characters are no longer allowed as on sender IDs.  For example  Yemi&Joke  won’t work as the Bulk SMS sender ID. Instead, use YemiNJoke. If you are sending a wedding invitation SMS it’s better to use WeddingIV as sender ID or Invitation.

4. Sender IDs should not carry Names of mobile operators, commercial banks, famous corporations (facebook, twitter, viber), names of political parties or politicians.  Avoid using the names of banks, mobile network operators’ names for bulk SMS sender IDs for it will not work. On the promotional routes, you should not use the name of a bank as sender ID. It is illegal,

5. Sender IDs should not contain words like cash, money, winner, congrat, congratulations, congratulation, wow, promo, win, bank, loan, coin, credit, gold, silver, diamond, finance, sex, etc Avoid using words like Win, congrats, promo as bulk SMS Sender ID. The message wont deliver.  Additionally, avoid using the words inside the message body. If you use congrats or congratulation in the body of your message it will not deliver.

Bulk SMS Sender ID tips

  1. Use generic Sender IDs: If you are waiting for your bulk SMS sender to be registered, you can quickly use a generic sender ID and include the brand name in the message body. Example, you want to send a wedding invitation SMS. You can write it this way.
    Sender ID: WeddingIV
    Message body:
    Adejumoke and Babatunde invite you to be a guest at their wedding ceremony. We passionately want to request you and your entire family to attend our wedding ceremony-taking place 21st September 2019 at the Rock Cathedral Lekki, Lagos by 10 AM. Reception follows immediately at the Landmark event centre Oniru, Lekki.

Another example: If you sending the bulk SMS message for Redeemed Christian Church of God. You can use RCCG as the sender ID. Then start the bulk SMS message with the name of your RCCG Parish. Here is how

Sender ID: RCCG
Message body:
RCCG City of David gladly invites to her musical concert coming up 22nd September 2019 by 5 pm at the Church venue. Please tell others.

2. Do not change bulk SMS Sender ID Often: When a bulk SMS sender is registered, avoid changing it. Consistently using a particular bulk SMS sender ID will make your recipients recognize your messages and the open rates and response will be higher.

Need more clarification regarding Bulk SMS Sender IDs? Contact us 08062145589 or email info@141sms.com

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