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We have Bulk SMS database to help you convey your product and service information to so many people with a few clicks. Most businesses use it for marketing purposes. You can connect well with your potential and existing customers via Bulk SMS by updating them on business offers and changes. To achieve this, you need to have their phone numbers. Bulk SMS Service, is a very viable way of beating the competition in the business world. Without a database, the purpose or essence of bulk SMS service will be defeated.  What this means is that, for you to send bulk messages successfully to your targeted audience, you need a comprehensive, updated, active and verified phone numbers.

There are over 140 million phone numbers in Nigeria. At 141SMS, these phone numbers are usually given for free knowing that the success of your business is our priority. We understand how much organisations want their profits to meet up and even pass their expenses or losses and with a database, we can get you potential customers who will contribute solely to the success of your business.

The Need for Bulk SMS Database

There are so many reasons why a Bulk SMS user needs a database. Before having the idea to send bulk messages, you should have a source for getting contacts. Here are a few reasons why you need a database to achieve success with bulk SMS marketing:

1. With a database, you can reach a wide range of potential customers including those in need of your products and services. It gives you a satisfying success rate that your message has been conveyed to the target audience.

2. The database ensures efficiency and effectiveness. The more awareness you create via bulk SMS, the more potential customers you attract to your product or service line. It is a great way of developing and expanding businesses.

3. You get a genuine and up-to-date database of customers, strictly valid phone numbers of potential buyers and investors.

4. Businesses, groups or individuals need to dispatch their messages to people they know will be interested in their products or services or offers and with a database, they can get the phone numbers of people in specific places they know will be in need of their products and services.

5. Organisations of recent have been involved in SMS marketing and which they can agree have really been helping as a very good marketing strategy. To be able to engage in this form of marketing, you surely need the GSM database. Some organisations have not been able to get the GSM database they need to successfully send Bulk messages but it is available here at 141SMS free of charge.

All you need to do is visit our website www.141sms.com and register, make payments for the SMS units and you get to choose your database locations all over Nigeria to send messages to them for as low as N1.85K per SMS

Cheapest Bulk SMS Database Provider

The cost of GSM Database differs amongst bulk SMS providers who offer this service. Database providers in Nigeria have different prices at which they sell out these phone numbers. However, there is no database provider that can be as affordable as 141sms platform because, at 141sms, GSM Database is FREE, you just need to register on our platform and buy SMS units to get it.

Why Choose 141sms Platform as Your Database Provider

We provide database from any corner of Nigeria, the database is authentic and contains phone numbers of potential customers. Once you register on the 141sms platform and create a Bulk SMS account with us, you are officially welcomed into the 141sms family and anytime you top up your wallet, your GSM Database is delivered to you alongside your SMS units and we do not waste time with delivery. Try 141sms platform by clicking www.141sms.com to be part of this amazing experience.

Here Is a Sample of Our Verified GSM Database

Bulk SMS database
Bulk SMS database

Without phone numbers, Bulk SMS marketing is incomplete. You need to reach out to the public to create awareness of your products and services. 141SMS can help you achieve your bulk SMS marketing goals with our active, authentic and verified GSM database. We are successful when you are successful. For further enquiries on our GSM Database, please call 08062145589 or email us at info@141sms.com. Contact us

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