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Use our Christmas SMS marketing strategies to get more sales this yuletide season. We have here the ultimate solution at N1.85 per SMS. Do you have your advertising and marketing strategy ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season? Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.

Historical data shows that consumers shop the highest during this season. However, with competition as aggressive as ever, every business in Nigeria will face the challenge reach more potential customers within a short period.

To help business owners send bulk SMS in Nigeria for 2019 Christmas and New Year sales, we have slashed our bulk SMS price to N1.85 per SMS. Additionally, we are giving out innovative strategies, proven tips, and bulk SMS templates for Christmas sales.

These Christmas SMS marketing strategies will help your business maximize your sales.

SMS Marketing campaign concepts for Christmas and New Year Season

The yuletide season of Christmas and New Year is upon us and every business wants to make the most of the opportunity to make huge sales. In Nigeria, the average person spends about N50, 000 naira on Christmas items. One of the effective ways to grab a piece of this cake is through aggressive bulk SMS marketing.

Research indicates that SMS marketing using bulk SMS is a channel consumers in Nigeria prefer. Recall there are over 140 million mobile subscribers in Nigeria. Bulk SMS marketing gives tremendous results all year round and the benefits are 10 times more during the Christmas and New Year Season. Nigeria consumers want you to shower them with offers and discount during this season.

Our bulk SMS service is the best way to achieve this fate.

Check out these 10 SMS marketing concepts for Christmas. We are so sure they will pull the traffic that your business desires.

These concepts have been tried and trusted through our 10 years of offering services as a bulk SMS provider.

  • 1. Organize a day for sales discount and offer an incentive to the first say 50 people that come to your store or make a payment. Make the incentive very juicy and irresistible.
    Example: Shop with us this season and get a 25 per cent discount. First fifty customers get Christmas hampers. Do not miss this opportunity. Hurry now!
  • 2. Nigerian customers love free drinks and chocolate during Christmas shopping. Send your bulk SMS marketing to your customers telling them that you will give out free exotic drinks and chocolate when they shop at your store during Christmas. Example: Free exotic drinks and Chocolate awaits you as you shop with us this Christmas Season. Come with your friends. Let celebrate the season.
  • 3. Send out a thank you SMS to every customer that is on your contact list. Tell them how grateful you are to them for buying from your business. They will emotional and want to spend more money during Christmas and New Year shopping. Example: Dear Customer will want to thank you for making our 2019 a memorable year. We have special offers for you this Christmas Season. Please visit our stores soon.
  • 4. Another thing you can send through SMS marketing is reduced shipping cost. Customers in Nigeria will love to have a reduced shipping cost. Example: You are valuable to us. Quote this number 4807 on your next purchase and get a 50% slash on the delivery cost.
  • 5. Use Christmas Melodies in your bulk SMS messages. This entertains your customers and makes them happy. Add some Christmas theme into your SMS marketing. Show how much you love the yuletide season. Example: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…Enjoy 20 per cent when you shop at any of our stores this Christmas season. Show this text and get a gift. Do not miss it.
  • 6. Notify customers of Special Events.  You can use bulk SMS marketing to inform your customers of special events taking place at your store during the Christmas and New Year Yuletide season. Will you be having a children’s Christmas party with Santa Claus? Use the bulk SMS platform to communicate this to all your customers and fans. Example: Bring your children to come have fun with Santa Claus at our Christmas Fun party. Plenty of gifts to awaits them. Make the season memorable for them.
  • 7. Send Coupons and Offers: There is no time of the year that your customers do not love promotional offers and coupons. Christmas season is a time people love to shop and they will desire to get bulk SMS messages giving them special coupons and offers. When customers get money-saving offers they cherish it and spend more buying from you. Example: Shop with us and save big. Show this code “CHRISTMAS2019” at our store and get a 30% discount at the point of sales.
  • 8. Send link to Christmas catalogues page – You can drive product awareness of your Christmas items by sending your customers the URL of your amazingly designed Christmas products catalogue using SMS. Example: Looking for a Christmas gift to buy that special person for Christmas, Check our wide range of items. Click here
  • 9. Inform customers of your opening days and hours during Christmas. Use our bulk SMS platform to communicate to your customer about the store opening days and hours for the Christmas holiday. Example: Valued customer will our stores will open from 9 am to 7 pm on 24th and 25th of December 2019 for your Christmas shopping.  Think of offering a special set of hours just for those who are on your marketing list to make things even more interesting.
  • 10. Send your customer support information during Christmas. You can use our bulk SMS platform to inform your customers about the support channels to use during the Christmas holiday. Example: Dear customer during the holidays our support channels will be open. Chat with us using WhatsApp 08062145589 or via our Facebook Messenger

Top Christmas Promotion Ideas

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the Christmas season in Nigeria is responsible for up to 25 per cent of the annual sales revenue of most businesses. However, it can be a big take to get the attention of consumers during the yuletide season. This is because of the number of sales and promotional messages they receive Here some top Christmas promotion ideas you can send using bulk SMS to capture the minds of your costumers.

1.    Organize a 12 Days Christmas promo.  You customers will pay attention to their mobile phones to see what you would offer each day of the promotion.

2.    Do a Buy1-Give1 Promotion.  Put together a Buy1Give1 promo as an alternative to BUY1GET1. This is how it works. Tell your customers that every time they make a purchase during the Christmas season, you will give back to a Charity or orphanage home in Nigeria.

3.    Use the strategy of Scarcity.  If you are a fashion retailer or you make ready to wear clothes, tell your customers that you will be releasing limited brand new Christmas designs. This scarcity will drive sales. This because people do not like to wear the same thing as anyone else to any of their holiday Christmas parties.

4.      Host a party and ask your customers to “Bring a Friend” to win Prizes.  This is a great idea for beauty spa, hair salons, gyms and fitness clubs. Ask your customers to bring a friend to the event and win great prizes.  Enter the customers who bring their friends into a prize-winning draw. Also, enter their friends into the draw. Make sure there is a prize for everyone and his or her friends. Use the opportunity to highlight your products and services. You will gain many customers.

Some Catchy Christmas Marketing Catchphrases to add to your bulk SMS marketing

Making a great Christmas SMS marketing holiday campaign is very crucial in the attainment of your end of year sales goals. A brilliant and cheerful catchphrase that represents the season is precisely the thing to different you from the competition. Here is an excellent list of some Christmas SMS marketing phrases.

1. All hearts come home at Christmas.

2. All I want for Christmas is true love.

3. Are you thinking about Christmas shopping yet?

4. Christmas is fun with people like you!

5. Christmas is the day that holds all time together.

6. Christmas is not a season. It is a feeling.

7. Come get ready for Christmas.

8. from Our Store to Your Home.

9. HO! HO! HO! Let us fill your holidays with fun and goodness.

10. I am dreaming of a white Christmas.

11. Indulge yourself in joy.

12. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

13. It is the season of giving!

14. It is the most wonderful time of the year.

15. Jolly holly-days to you and yours!

16. Our out of control Christmas sale!

17. Our Sales bells are jingling!

18. Peace and joy sold here.

19. Peace, Love, and Harmony sold here!

20. Sugar and spice make Christmas nice!

21. There has been only one Christmas–the rest are anniversaries.

22. We have everything they want!

23. We are Dreaming of a Perfect Christmas!

24. We are so in the mood for Christmas.

Watch this video. It very informative and shows some wonderful marketing tactic to increase your sales during the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

How to build a smart holiday marketing campaign

Pursuing customers directly with bulk SMS messages will allow you to effectively take advantage of the massively increased Christmas holiday season spending in Nigeria and get your on the right pathway for a successful new year.

Bulk SMS marketing gives a massive 98 per cent open rate with close to 90 per cent of messages opened within three minutes. Data available confirms that bulk SMS marketing can be as great as eight times more efficient at winning customers.

For more information on how your business can profit from bulk SMS marketing this Christmas and New Year holiday period, contact team on 08062145589, Click here  

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