Free Bulk SMS Marketing Tips 2019

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Free Bulk SMS Marketing Tips 2019

We desire that you achieve your marketing goals with using our bulk SMS platform that is why we have put together some free bulk SMS marketing tips. They will help you use our bulk SMS software effectively. The tips will aid you to attract many customers to your business. These bulk SMS marketing tips will help you get the best result from your bulk SMS campaign.

If you have your own business, it is very important to promote your brand in order to attract new customers. It is also key to increase sales as well as increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Running a business without marketing is like driving a car without a fuel source.

Whether you are a start-up, an established medium-sized business, or a multi-sized organization, marketing with Bulk SMS is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your business to the doorstep of your potential and existing customers.

Our free Bulk SMS Marketing can drive more visits to your website and results in more conversions. It can also help maintain customer loyalty. In order to succeed with Bulk SMS marketing, it is important to understand the strategies involved.

If you are on board with our bulk SMS service, these tips will make you get the best results. These tips are free for you to use. The statistics of the results from bulk SMS marketing are undeniable.

Below are some free Bulk SMS Marketing Tips that will help you get the most out of your Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns. Hope you have registered on our bulk SMS website to use our bulk SMS service.

12 Free Bulk SMS Marketing Tips

1. Define Your Bulk SMS Marketing Target Audience:

The first step to take towards a successful Bulk SMS Marketing is to define your target audience.  Segmentation and targeting ensure a person receives SMS that is relevant to him/her. With this step, your messages won’t be perceived as spam. Failure to the segment can lower sales, response rate as well as reduce ROI. To effectively segment your audience, you need to focus on demographics, past purchases, geographical location and past response rate, which is most like to generate more engagement rate than sending a mass-generated campaign. We strongly encourage you to build your marketing or contact list.

2. Be Concise, Precise And Keep It Short:

SMS may not go beyond 160 characters. So when creating a bulk SMS, ensure it is short, snappy and straight to the point. If you append excessively unrelated and unnecessary details, the recipient would get bored and delete it from his / her phone.

For example, Message A goes thus:

Sender ID: AdaSalon

Message body: Be the first to grab 20% discounts on all pedicure and manicure at Ada Beauty Salon! Visit our Website to book a space NOW

Message B goes thus:

Sender ID: AdaSalon

Message body: Do you love neat nails? Not all people can take care of their nails. Do you agree with us? If yes, then let’s continue discussing on how you can take care of your nails. At Ada Beauty Salon, we can take care of your nails but that can only happen if you visit our shop. If you can make out time to visit our shop, there are discounts we can offer you. Will you come?

From the above examples, you will agree that message A is concise, precise, short with 134 characters and straight to the point. Potential customers will respond 100% to message A than to message B.

You will not achieve your marketing goals with message B because it contains unnecessary details that might get the recipient bored. So to succeed with bulk SMS marketing, you need to work mostly with messages that convert.

3. Add a clear Call To Action to Your Bulk SMS Marketing:

Have you ever received a marketing SMS before? If yes, then you probably did observe that the SMS had an action the sender wanted you to take after reading the message right? The action was either to click on a link or to reply to the message by sending a keyword to a shortcode. These links or keywords could be to provide the recipients of vital information on how to buy a product, subscribe to the SMS campaign, get a discount/bonus, subscribe to an ongoing promo or even to opt-out from an SMS campaign. Whatever it is you were told to do, that is referred to as the Call to Action” (CTA).

Look at these examples:

Message A: Sender ID – BisiFood

Message body: Receive discounts on tasty lunch specials. Text “LUNCH” to 08062145589 NOW and get a 10% discount on your next order. Offer closes Oct 1st 2019

Message B Sender ID – BisiFood

Message body: Hello and welcome to Bisi Restaurant. We are giving out a 10% discount on our food. We thought to inform you.

Message A has a Call to Action in it, which says Text “LUNCH” to 08062145589. The word ‘’NOW’’ and the date Oct 1st 2019 also adds a sense of urgency to the message when compared with message B. Message B doesn’t have any CTA or urgency elements in it. Message B will not convert rather message A will convert 100%.

 Messages containing Call to action has been proven to ensure an increased conversion rate.  CTA in Bulk SMS Marketing can help you measure how many persons responded to the message you sent. If a large number of your customers didn’t follow or respond to the CTA, then this is a sign that you are losing loyal clients. This action will save as a wakeup call for you to do something about your business.

Again, the essence of bulk SMS marketing is to increase sales and revenue right? So if you don’t add CTA in your marketing message, then the goal of the campaign will be defeated.

When you include CTA in your marketing SMS, you can detect when people are interacting with your marketing messages.

CTA is an efficient way to measure the success of your Bulk SMS Marketing campaign. It helps you know whether to continue or not.

In view of the aforesaid reasons, you will agree that CTA should be an integral part of your SMS marketing.

Here are some great CTA to use in Bulk SMS marketing:

Watch this video on Build Effective Calls to Action – 7 Marketing Tips

Add a clear Call To Action to Your Bulk SMS Marketing:

4.Link to your business website

Adding clickable links to your SMS helps to direct people to the right place easily. Be sure that your website is mobile responsive. You can use URL shorteners like to avoid errors with links. With your website link, you can ask your clients to click the link to find out more about your business, offers and services, buy the product you are promoting, or just sign up. Remember, the easier you make it for your clients to do a certain thing, the more likely they will do it. Click here for more URL Shorteners.  

 For example:

Sender ID – QLoanLTD

Message body: Your loan is now in default. We want to help you get this paid by offering a 30% discount off the balance. Click to learn more.

5. Add Call or Text back to your Bulk SMS Marketing

Adding please call or text us back at the end of your message allows swift and easy reply from your customers. For example

 Sender ID ABCorders

Message body:  Your television has been dispatched. Expected time of arrival is 2 pm –6 pm on 3rd October 2019. If you are not home at that time, please call 08062145589 or reply to this text.

6. Frequency of messaging

No existing or potential customer would want their inbox flooded with promotional messages from your business. The best practice is to send at most 2 to 4 texts messages in a month. Target your communications wisely and ensure you send relevant information to your existing or potential clients.

7. Use Of Language

The fact that you do not want to exceed 160 characters does not mean that your bulk SMS messages must be abbreviated to the point that they are illegible. We suggest you use your discretion when abbreviating words to ensure you are still able to communicate clearly and professionally to your target audience. Sometimes, it’s tempting to use shorthand like ‘’2’’ for ‘’to’’ or ‘’U’’ for ‘’you’’. Texting in this manner is unprofessional.

8. Add Value To Your Bulk SMS Marketing

Every Bulk SMS message you send to both existing and potential customers should offer them something of value. Be sure that every text is worth their while. Let your messages include discounts, offers, vital announcements and information, event alerts etc. do not send them same vague ad every week.


Sender ID: Vactive

Message body: Unfortunately your session today has been cancelled as your trainer is ill. You can book a new session here:


Sender ID – DominoPizza

Message body: special offer! Buy 2 medium size pizza and get 1 free. Offer valid from 1st Oct until Oct 3rd 2019. Call 0819999999 or visit to place an order online.

9. Use appropriate timing

 Sending bulk SMS to potential or existing customers at odd hours is not professional. Schedule or send your SMS during business hours when they can immediately see and act on your offer. Sending promotional SMS to customers at 2 AM, for instance, is inappropriate.

10. Add A Sense Of Urgency in your messages

You need to understand that short messages are the way forward and that people have a very short attention time span. Get your target audience to interact with your message by creating a sense of urgency. For example:

Sender ID –OldNavy

Message body: special offer! Buy two jean trousers and get 1 free. Offer valid until 15th Oct 2019. Call or text 08062145589 to place an order NOW! Visit for more information or enquiry.

11. Keep your messages special

when sending Bulk SMS to your existing or potential customers, always keep in mind that you are inviting yourself into another person’s space, and as such language matters. Always ensure that your messages are conversational in nature with a personal touch. Wouldn’t you rather want your customers to look at your business as a trusted friend instead of some faceless entity? Be sure to make your offers exclusive to the person receiving and reading the SMS. Be sure to make your customers feel loved, valued and special.

12. Be Consistent and always follow up

The truth is people do not like surprises. People like consistency. In the case of Bulk SMS Campaigns, this rule holds truer than ever. After sending out your bulk SMS, it is important to follow up on whatever call to action you include in the SMS. Most businesses connect with their customers on a weekly basis. Be reliable, consistent, and follow up with your targeted audience on a regular basis.

Beyond offering you amazing bonus and discounts on bulk SMS units, Our Bulk SMS Service, 141SMS also offers great tips to customers on how to make the most out of their bulk SMS marketing Campaign. For further enquiry, feedback or comments kindly call 08062145589 or email us at Contact us

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