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Maybe you are wondering how bulk SMS can help your business?  Without mincing word, bulk SMS is a great tool that will make your business grow. Check some bulk SMS marketing statistics.

Benefits of Bulk SMS include the high open rates this means many people in your database will read your bulk SMS message.  Bulk SMS also has the benefit of speed and flexibility. When you send bulk SMS messages, it gets to your contacts in seconds. In terms of flexibility, you can draft, edit, and send a bulk SMS message within 10 minutes.  Another advantage of bulk SMS is the low cost and high return on investment when you use bulk SMS platforms like Essentially, the bulk SMS account opening is free. Then, for a few nairas, you can top-up your wallet with bulk SMS credits.  Using the bulk SMS credit purchase from, you can reach 1000 contacts and more.  Bulk SMS also has the benefit of sending targeted and personalization messages out.

What does bulk SMS marketing do?

Bulk SMS marketing helps you inform thousands of people about your business. Bulk SMS marketing will also increase your business awareness within your location, helping you attract customers within your geographical location when you use a targeted database. Bulk SMS marketing helps you grow word-of-mouth referrals when people show the messages to their family and friend.  You can build and foster your customer relationship with bulk SMS messages. Every business wants to be top of mind of their customers for the product or service they offer.  With bulk SMS platform like, you can send bulk SMS greeting e.g. Happy New month SMS to your customers. Clearly, bulk SMS marketing is necessary for your business.

The benefits of bulk SMS marketing to business.
Let us break it down to exactly how bulk SMS marketing from our bulk SMS website can help a business. Here are 6 benefits of bulk SMS marketing to your business:

  1. BULK SMS marketing can get more customers in the door of your business. Once people know of your products and services, they will visit your physical location to patronize your business.
  2. For a B2B or B2C business, bulk SMS promotion carried out by bulk SMS marketing can fill your sales funnel and help you get more leads for your sales force to follow up.
  3. When you launch a new product, bulk SMS marketing can help you introduce the new products to your existing customer database with ease.
  4. You can use bulk SMS marketing to drive traffic to your website by adding the URL to the bulk SMS messages to your customers.
  5. For any kind of retail business, bulk SMS marketing can make the public aware of a sale, discount offer or promotion bringing in more customers in the process.
  6. Use bulk SMS marketing to announce a new location. Get more foot traffic during the grand opening of your new store location.
    The above list is not exhaustive. However, it should help you answer the question “What does bulk SMS marketing do?” and get you thinking about how bulk SMS marketing can help your business better achieve its goals.

We at have helped over 50,000 customers create awareness about their businesses. We are a leading bulk SMS provider in Nigeria. We will be delighted to help you achieve the best in using bulk SMS for marketing.

Contact us now click here. You can register to open an account it is free.

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