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How to send bulk SMS in Nigeria with the best result and highest ROI

bulk SMS Nigeria

You want to promote your business, so you are wondering how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria?
The fastest way to send bulk SMS in Nigeria is to register on a bulk SMS website and buy SMS credit from the website. The next step is to get the phone numbers you want to receive the messages. Using the bulk SMS website, you can send the SMS messages to the numbers by uploading them into the website.

what is bulk sms
what is bulk SMS


SMS means short message service. You send SMS from one mobile phone to another mobile phone.  Bulk SMS is the purchase and sending of SMS to plenty of recipients at once.  To send bulk SMS is cheaper than sending the normal SMS. Bulk SMS comes with features like sender ID used to promote a brand name or organization. You can also schedule bulk SMS messages to arrive to get to your recipients on a selected date and time. This you achieve by using bulk SMS software. Research shows bulk SMS is a cheap form of marketing compared to other channels.  Two parts make up a bulk SMS message. First is the sender ID, which shows who is sending the message and after the sender ID is the message body, which is the content of the message.

bulk sms for boutiques
bulk SMS for boutiques

Example of Bulk SMS Message:  

For example, you are a fashion retail store, GEMS STORE, and you want to send messages to all your customers who have given you their phone numbers.  The purpose of the message is to drive sales and you want to offer your customers a discount off by asking them to show the text message at the point-of-sale. Here is a draft:

Message Body: Hey valued customer. Take advantage of the special ongoing discount in our store. Show this SMS and get 30% off your purchase. Call or WhatsApp 08062145589
This makes bulk SMS for your boutique very easy.

Another example, let say you are opening your new school in Garki, Abuja. You want to send bulk SMS to Abuja numbers from Garki Area.  Get the database of Abuja numbers around Garki and use the below message.

Sender ID: NewSchool
Message Body: Unique Stars School.
Dear parent, we will like to introduce our new school to you.
We educate and build leaders. We located at Plot 84, Lakode Akintola Street, Garki, Abuja.
The above is an example of bulk SMS for school

The best time to send bulk SMS in Nigeria

use bulk SMS to grow your busines
use bulk SMS to grow your business

If you are thinking of the best time to send bulks SMS in Nigeria. It depends on the objective of the SMS message. When the message is very urgent, e.g. emergencies then the bulk SMS message the messages can be sent immediately. Let us consider a situation where there is an accident and members of a team need to be reached.

Then the bulk SMS is urgently dispatched.  If your objective is to make your customers respond quickly, send your bulk SMS when they are awake and not sleeping. This is between 8 am and 8 pm. Other great time to send bulk SMS marketing is between 5 pm and 8 pm. At this time your customers are closing from work, they are more relaxed and receptive to marketing messages. Research shows that bulk SMS sent around 12 noon have the highest open rates.

When having an event it is advisable to send the bulk SMS messages in advance to give your recipients ample time to play. For example, if you are having an event on a Saturday weekend it is wise to send the invitation on Sunday, the first day of the week. You should also send a reminder on Thursday 2days prior to the event day.  If you are sending a wedding invitation SMS its best to send it 2 months before the date and a reminder 1 week to the wedding date.  It is important not to send bulk SMS very early in the morning or late at Night

Perhaps, you want to use bulk SMS marketing to send greetings, you should take advantage of certain times of the year to send bulk SMS greetings to your customers and clients.

Happy new month- The first day of every month is a great time to send Happy New month SMS to your customers. This will keep you fresh in their minds.

Birthday- When you send a personalized birthday message to your customers; they smile and feel special because it is their special day.

Christmas, Easter and Eid celebrations:  Festive season is a great time to felicitate with your customers. The festive seasons of Easter, Eid and Christmas is a great time to use bulk SMS to reach your customers.

Valentine’s Day –If you are in the retail business Valentine season is a good opportunity to drive sales and increase revenue. You achieve this by sending valentine promotion using bulk SMS marketing.  If you are a gift shop, you can send gift ideas to your customers using bulk SMS

Mother’s and Father’s Day – Mother’s and Father’s Day are good times for businesses to send bulk SMS to their customers and clients. Retail business can use these dates to drive customer engagement and increase sales.

Get the best results from your bulk SMS Message.

Get the best results from your bulk SMS Message.
Get the best results from your bulk SMS Message.

Now you have a knowledge of what is bulk SMS and the best times to send bulk SMS. It is the desire of every business to get a high return on investment from the money spent on marketing and advertising.  Any business wants their marketing to yield results. Statistics indicate SMS open rates are as high as 98%. Here are some ways to make bulk SMS marketing effective. These strategies will show you how to get the best results from your bulk SMS message campaign.

1. Ensure all the recipients’ phone numbers are accurate. It is important that all the recipients’ phone numbers on your list are correct. If a digit is missing from a recipient’s number, the message this will affect the delivery of the message.

2. Use customer contacts that have given you permission to send them bulk SMS messages. The open rate drops if the messages are spam and unsolicited.

3. Include a channel of response in your bulk SMS marketing. Add the channel through which customers can reach after reading your message. You can include your website, email address or phone number.

4. Include a call-to-action in your bulk SMS message.  You obviously want your customers to take action when they see your message. Please include CTA, call-to-action in all your bulk SMS messages.

5. Don’t make your bulk SMS monotonous. Avoid sending the same bulk SMS messages every time because it will make the communication boring and affect the open rates. 

6. Identify your brand
This may seem like an obvious one but it is very important not to forget to identify yourself or your brand name in all of your SMS marketing sends. Whether you use a sender ID or simply add your brand name in each SMS that you send, make sure that your customers and clients know who they are receiving the messages from.

7. Explain how to opt-out of further communications
Tell your customers that replying stop or unsubscribe will ensure that they will no longer receive SMS messages from you. Make sure that you respect your customers request to opt-out by removing their contact details from your contact list.

How to Collect Phone Numbers for bulk SMS Marketing

how to get phone numbers
how to get phone numbers

Wondering how to collect phone numbers for bulk SMS marketing? Collecting phone numbers is a great opportunity for every business. This because bulk SMS marketing has an open rate of over 95%.  Some people are justifiably cautious to give out their phone numbers. You will need to get them to trust you with this private information, you need to assure them of the worth of being part of your inner circle, and assure them that they will not be barraged with inappropriate and worthless texts using bulk SMS.  Here are some of the best ways to get phone numbers for bulk SMS marketing.

  1. Place a sign-up form in your physical store, office. Also, add a sign-up box on home pages, landing pages, and blog posts for your website.
  2. Collect details at the checkout, point-of-sale, or leave a feedback sheet for the customer to fill in, this works very well.
  3. Offer customers an exclusive discount meant only for your bulk SMS marketing list.
  4. Assure them of privacy, let them have confidence that you will not give or sell their information to third parties. Additionally, guarantee them that their private information is safe.
  5. Make your phone number bold and noticeable on your fliers, banners and signage. Ask prospective customers they will get send extra information when they text into your mobile number.
  6. Encourage your social media followers to sign up to your bulk SMS contacts list.
  7. Add your phone number to radio and television advertising

Whatever method you use in building your bulk SMS database, do not bombard customers with text messages, only send valuable messages. Receiving loads of bulk SMS messages infuriates customers.

Additionally, visit the website of Nigerian Communication Commission NCC regulation regarding unsolicited and spam messages.

Now, we believe you know how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria. Should you have any questions, kindly contact us

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