How to send Wedding Invitation using Bulk SMS

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How to send Wedding Invitation using Bulk SMS

Right here we have all the information you need to know help you send wedding invitation using bulk SMS.  Sending wedding invitation SMS for yourself, a friend, brother or sister we got you covered.

The wedding invitation is one of the most important things because it provides the guest with crucial information. Additionally, you can use bulk SMS to communicate with the people playing an important role in making the wedding day a huge success.  So let us dive right into how to send wedding invitation SMS.

  1. Collate the numbers of your recipients. One of the main reasons the wedding invitation using bulk SMS is very effective is because the open rate is 98%.  Collate the phone numbers of your recipients. Then, type the numbers from your phone on notepad. You will find notepad on your pc. It is a .txt file.  Type the numbers vertically as shown below. Using 234 removing the first zero

Or Without leaving the first zero

2. Then login into your If you do not have an account on our bulk SMS website click here to register or contact us.

3.Once you login to, watch the below video to guide you on how to send wedding Invitation using Bulk SMS.

4.Choosing sender ID for your wedding Invitation SMS
You can use the following sender IDs WeddingIV, Wedding,Wedding IV or Invitation
Sender ID is Wedding IV
Message body: Jakes Weds Sarah
On the 24th of August 2019. You are invited
RSVP 0806215589

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