How To Use Bulk SMS For Better Customer Experience

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How To Use Bulk SMS For Better Customer Experience

Learn How to use Bulk SMS for better customer experience. Are your prospects and clients fretful regarding your customer service? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of businesses struggle to deliver quality customer service. In today’s highly competitive era, meeting customer expectations while providing personalized service and answering their questions in a timely and efficient way can be difficult.

If you are doing business in Nigeria, then How to use Bulk SMS for better customer experience should be important to you. This is because all your customers have a mobile phone.

Despite these challenges, delivering excellent customer service is a requirement if your company must stand out from the crowd. Our Bulk SMS Service can greatly improve your business.

Today, customers are prioritizing businesses and companies that provide excellent customer service experiences and ditching those that don’t. This is why businesses must use the right tools to keep interacting with clients in most personalised and direct way possible.

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This shift in customers’ behaviour is pushing businesses to consider new avenues like sending text messages to meet the demand and push ahead of their competitors. Bulk SMS is one of the most useful tools that enable fast and personal communication with a worldwide customer base.

This blog post will show you How to Use Bulk SMS for Better Customer Experience improvement.

Why Use Bulk SMS ?

Bulk SMS messaging is ideal for driving customer engagement and building brand loyalty because:

  • Bulk SMS messaging is fast, reliable, easy and cost-effective. 
  • Bulk SMS works on every phone, anywhere in the world. This is why Bulk SMS is an excellent medium to use for communication with customers.
  • Just like the regular text messages, Bulk SMS messaging service also works on any handset, any network, in any language – globally.
  • Over 95% of text messages are opened and read within five minutes of receipt. No other marketing tool or method can brag with having such sky-high success!
  • Bulk SMS massaging is so simple and allows businesses to instantly reach large numbers of customers at once.
  •  Bulk SMS messaging service has a specific ability to lower operational costs while generating revenue at the same time.
  • Bulk SMS messaging  service is one of the most effective regarding positive return on investment (ROI)
  • Bulk SMS messaging enables precise targeting, which makes it extremely effective at getting people to respond while collecting revenue for business using this service.  
  • The benefits of a bulk SMS messaging for a business can be huge. This service adds worth to an organization, and its interaction with customers, i.e., builds lasting client relationships.

Ways To Use Bulk SMS For Customer Experience Improvement

1. Instant feedback on Customer Satisfaction   

Bulk SMS messaging service, is ideal to use for instant feedback on customer experience, immediately after a customer uses your service or makes a purchase in your store. This communication campaign will help you instantly realize if your customer service is good or bad. And clients will appreciate the fact that you care about their opinion. So fast! For example:

Sender ID: VirginHair

Message body:  Thanks for visiting our shop and making a purchase! On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our products to a friend or college? Send your response to 786-9070-2341.

Example 2

Sender ID: VirginHair

Message body:  Thanks for visiting our shop and making a purchase! Where 1 is bad and 10 is excellent, how would you rate our service quality? Send your response to 08062145589

2. Keep your customers updated regularly on special offers and discounts

Once customers make a purchase from your store, (if they opted-in for your mobile marketing), customers will expect you to keep them in the loop and inform them about your special offers, promotions, product announcements or else. If they’ve made an order through your e-commerce site, they will also appreciate being informed about their order and delivery status. Well-timed bulk SMS alerts, sent through a reliable bulk SMS platform, will do this job, making both a customer and you satisfied. For example

Sender ID: VirginHair

Message body: Receive discounts on purchases you make this season. Text “VirginHair” to 08062145589 and get a 10% discount on your next order! Visit for more details.

3. Remind customers of schedule appointments

You never know where your clients are and there may be times customers can’t answer phone calls. With bulk SMS messaging, you can send reminders to reduce no shows. Sending a text message reminder helps your customers to receive the message with very little effort on their end. Here is an example.

Sender ID: VirginHair

Message body: Appointment reminder for Saturday, 23rd December 2019, time 2pm with your hairstylist Mercy. Text ‘’VH’’ to confirm your availability.

4. Build meaningful conversation

Bulk SMS campaign enables you to build high-quality interaction with your customers. Instead of just sending one-way information, you can start a two-way communication, allowing your clients to respond to you immediately. This way your Bulk SMS campaign can even become a superb and important help-desk service or feedback collector.For example

5. Respond to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Bulk SMS messaging service is an amazing client care tool. You can send information and talk to your customers about all sorts of topics related to your products and services. Send instructions or short manuals to assist them to understand your offers, services or products.


If your company or organization is going to have a brief system breakdown or maintenance that affects delivering of services and/or products to your clients, it is best they are informed ahead of time. Bulk SMS will be an amazing tool to intimate them of such developments. This will make them trust you more and it helps to retain customers and get you more. The satisfied ones are more likely to refer others to your business firm.

We hope now know how To Use Bulk SMS For Better Customer Experience. Please contact us for inquiries. Call 08062145589, Email

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