How To Use Bulk SMS For Hotels

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How To Use Bulk SMS For Hotels

This article will show you how to use Bulk SMS for hotels. You need Bulk SMS Service for your Hotel because the industry is highly competitive. In order to survive, your marketing strategies got to be effective. You can’t afford to waste time and budget on marketing channels that aren’t going to yield results. If you do, your competitors will quickly take the lead, and you will be struggling to keep up.

The most successful hotels and resorts know just how to combine the right marketing channels with the right messaging to engage their target guests and secure bookings. At the end of this article, you will know how to use bulk SMS for hotels.

Do you have what it takes to build a firm marketing strategy using the most effective channel? As an industry-leading bulk SMS provider, we know what channels work and which ones don’t.  Hotels, in particular, have a unique opportunity to utilize bulk SMS to drive sales. This three-part series will explain vividly Ways how to use Bulk SMS for hotels.

Why Choose Bulk SMS For Hotel Business

  • High Readability Rate: 98% of bulk SMS messages sent is read within 5 minutes.
  • More responsive: Open rates are very high with 97% opens within 5 seconds.
  •  High Speed: Bulk SMS is the fastest means of communicating with a large scale of people at the same time
  • Low cost and high ROI: Unlike the traditional marketing methods, bulk SMS campaign can be executed within a tiny fraction of your budget.
  • Time Savvy: Bulk SMS saves you valuable time when compared with door to door campaigns.
  • Reach The Right Audience. Bulk SMS messaging service can help you get through to the right audience. With bulk SMS messaging, you can quickly spread the word about your hotel and gain the trust of travellers and tourists.

Key Benefits

Bulk SMS solutions are useful for external and internal operations in hotels. Here are the benefits of using bulk SMS messaging services in hotel management.

  • Enrich guests’ experience.
  • Reach a large scale of people at a cost-effective rate
  • Enable you to manage bookings effectively
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks.
  • Build long-relationship with customers.
  • An excellent way to obtain reviews
  • Enable you to provide stellar services to guests’

Ways To Use Bulk SMS for Hotels

So here are ways of how to use bulk SMS for hotels and increase sales with a better the guests’ experience.

Promote  and Advertise Your Hotel Business With Bulk SMS:

With the different channels that can be used to advertise your hotel business, bulk SMS is the most effective. Reasons being that, not everyone will check on their email, watch television or read newspaper always. Bulk SMS, on the other hand, has better results because 98% of SMSs sent are read within 5 minutes of receipt. Therefore, adding your hotel’s website URL link to the message body can help increase the traffic to your website. See sample SMS below.

Sender ID: VaratHotel

Message body:  The VaratHotel offers luxurious, stylish and multifunctional contemporary spaces. Host your events at our BANQUET HALLS and make it memorable. Call 786-234-1980 for more information.


You can use bulk SMS for room bookings and reservations. You can even have a dedicated phone number for your hotel business whereby customers can send a booking message to it and can reserve a space for themselves for the future. This fosters relationship. With bulk SMS, you can Make it easier for your guests’ to make a reservation by enabling two-way messaging.

See sample SMS below.

Sender ID: VaratHotel

Message body: Hello Jane, you have a reservation with us for an Executive Suite for tomorrow, 27th Jan 2017. If you intend to dine in our restaurant, book today.  Reply ‘’BOOK’’ to 786-234-1980. VaratHotel

Bookings Confirmation/Details Alert:

Once your guests’ have placed a booking request via SMS, it is only right that they get a confirmation that their request has been received and approved. This gives them a sense of relief that their booking has been confirmed and that their rooms would be available to them upon arrival. This makes for an excellent communication method between you and them. If they choose to make a reservation either by phone or online, with bulk SMS, you can thank them for making the bookings, send their booking details and how to change or cancel it so all the information they need is right there in the palm of their hand. Below is an example.

Sender ID: VaratHotel

Message body: Hello Mrs John, thank you for booking a Luxury Double Room. Your booking ID is 457893. We look forward to your arrival. Be sure to visit the lounge for your complimentary drink as soon as you settle in. Again, thank you for choosing us. VaratHotel.

Remind customers regarding arrival time and location

A bulk SMS platform can be prudently used to inform guests’ about their check-in and out time at your hotel. Reminding your guests’ of their scheduled time will extremely improve their perception of your hotel particularly. Again, Hotel and resorts owners can enhance their guests’ experience by messaging them a day or two before their scheduled arrival with a reminder of their upcoming visit. When messaging your guests, be sure to include a link to useful information regarding “directions to the hotel” details of local transport, car parking options, Uber, taxi, etc. If you offer a driver service, include those details in the message. Not only does this provides helpful information for your guests, but also promotes and increases the sales of your pick-up service.

Send suggestions to guests’

Take your customer service to the next level by chatting with guests on arrival about the kinds of activities available at your hotel which might interest them. They’ll appreciate that you’re thinking of them, and that kind of personalized customer experience is invaluable in the hospitality business.

Send Guests’ SMS on Check-out offers

With bulk SMS you can intimate guests about check out offers to help them get to their next destination. This will leave a pleasant memory of your hotel.

Follow Up and Collect Feedback from Guest after Departure

With bulk SMS you can get honest feedback from guests after departure.  Once the guest checks out, an SMS requesting feedback regarding their experience can be sent to them. This will go a long way in facilitating your decision making about the services of your hotel. You could even give them an incentive, such as a discount on their next booking, to encourage this. If they’ve had a negative experience, this gives you the opportunity to address the situation. For example

Sender ID: VaratHotel

Message body: Thank you, Mr and Mrs Joseph, for your patronage, it was really a pleasure having you around. We hope you enjoyed your stay at VaratHotel. On a scale of 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent), how would you rate your experience?

Send Special And Time-Sensitive Offers, Promos, Discounts

It is a regular feature of many businesses to offer promos and discounts to customers during the festive periods. Hotel management is certainly not left out during this. If you’ve got the contact of persons who are most likely to lodge in your hotels or resorts during the festive season, which you can get by modestly asking them for it, or getting it as they register on your website if you have one, you can send them these special offer alerts and notifications via bulk SMS and ensure you use the season to increase sales. If you have a chain of hotels, you can make the offer valid across the board so they’re covered in multiple locations! See examples below

Sender ID:VaratHotel

Message body:  The varatHotel offers exclusive 4 days retreats to the Varat Islands. Enjoy a tropical getaway and tasty mocktails in our natural paradise. Reply with VARAT to learn more.

Sender ID:VaratHotel

Message body: The VaratHotel is almost at full capacity. Complete your booking before 3rd Jan 2016 and get 30% discount. Call 9854-123-7432 for more details.

Communication with Internal Staffs:

Bulk SMS can help you communicate effectively with your hotel staffs. The efficiency of you staffs will determine if your guests come back or they are just one-offs. Through bulk SMS, you can communicate important information necessary to the smooth running and eventual growth of the hotel with your staffs. This is especially vital when the staffs are large. Everyone gets along, knows what and what not to do and the business moves on.

Getting Started 

Now that you have a better idea on ways you can use bulk SMS messaging service to manage your hotel business, let us go over to how you can open a free bulk SMS account with us on our bulk SMS website

To register on 141SMS Platform, follow the steps below

  1. On your internet-enabled device (e.g laptop, Smartphone etc), type
  2. Click on register
  3. Fill out the registration form with your name, address, number, email etc
  4. Click register or press enter key on your device keyboard

Congratulations! Now you have a bulk SMS account.

Now that you have successfully registered, the second step is for you to ACTIVATE YOUR WALLET

To activate your wallet, follow the steps below

  • On your internet-enabled device, type
  • Click on login icon on the website
  • Type in the email address and password you registered with
  • Click on Login or press the enter key on your device keyboard
  • On the dashboard, click on the red font icon that reads ‘’Click to Activate’’
  • Type in any four digits of your choice into the space provided
  • Re-type the same four digits again into the second box to confirm
  • Finally, click on the ‘’Activate wallet’’ Icon

After activating your wallet, you can now make payment for the SMS credits. To learn more about our payment options click here

Congratulations! You have successfully created a bulk SMS account, activated your SMS wallet, and funded your SMS account. Now is time to send out bulk messages to increase your customer base and sales.

Steps for sending Bulk SMS

To send out bulk SMS, follow the steps below

  • On your internet-enabled device, type
  • Click on login
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on login
  • Click on the Send SMS Icon
  • Click on Bulk SMS (i.e if you want to send to more than one person or number)
  • Type in your Sender ID into the field provided (sender ID is the customized name that will display on the phone of the recipient. Example VaratHotel
  • Type in the message you want to send into the SMS MESSAGE FIELD.  Note: 1 page = 160 characters.
  • Choose option A if the phone numbers are already saved as a file in your laptop and then click CHOOSE FILE Icon. This will take you directly to where the file is located. Select the file and click OPEN and finally click SEND SMS. Note that the numbers should be saved in an excel file or notepad. The platform doesn’t accept file formats like Microsoft word doc etc
  • Choose option B if you intend to type/paste the numbers in the recipients’ box. Type / paste the numbers and click SEND SMS.
  • Choose option C if the phone numbers have already been saved on your 141bulksms page and then hold down CTRL to select the numbers you want to send the Bulk SMS to, and then click SEND SMS.
  • Choose option D if you already have your contacts saved as a GROUP LIST on your 141bulksms page. Click on the preferred GROUP LIST to upload
  • Then click SEND SMS.
  • And now, your message is successfully sent and delivered to the recipients’ phone instantly. This is how you can do bulk SMS.

To read more on messaging guidelines, click here


So many businesses today can find various areas that bulk SMS can come in and change the face of the business. We hope you now know how to use Bulk SMS for hotels. The aforementioned points show that hotel management is not left out. At, you have the fitting bulk SMS platform you need for effective management of your hotel business.  Sign up for a free account now if you do not have one. For further enquiry, feedback or comments call 08062145589 or email

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