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Send Bulk SMS Free Online

With this article, we’ll share with you four straight forward steps to send bulk SMS Free Online.

Sending bulk SMS free online with a bulk SMS platform like 141SMS is super easy.

Many businesses and organizations are surprised at how easy the bulk SMS service is when compared to other marketing channels. There are no algorithms to optimize for as you do with Google and other social media platforms.  In addition, you don’t need to write catchy subject lines as you do with emails or write and edit for hours as you do with blogging. All you need do is to choose the group of contacts to write 160 characters and click send. It’s pretty simple, right?  Moreover, with people having their phones within arm’s length, the engagement rates are miles ahead of other marketing and communication channels. Check out some Bulk SMS marketing statistics.


For the past years, as the leading bulk SMS provider, we have worked hard to make sending bulk SMS online as simple as possible for our ten thousand plus customers. So here’s how to send bulk SMS online in four easy and simple steps.

  1. Create a Free Account (No Registration Fee Required)

Creating a bulk SMS account on 141SMS doesn’t require a credit card. It is absolutely free!  Again, our bulk SMS registration form is very basic. All you have to do is click, fill in a hand full of fields, click send and you are all set. Once you submit the form, your account is created and you will receive a welcome message via your email. So it is important to register with a valid email address and phone number.

  • Fund Your Wallet

Once your account is set up, the next step is to fund your account with at least N500 for a start. With N500 you would be able to send bulk SMS to 222 numbers for as low as N2.25 kobo per SMS units.  To learn more about our pricing and payment methods, click on the link

  • Start Sending Bulk SMS

After you have funded your bulk SMS account and logged back into your SMS account using your login details, you’ll see where to:

  • Send a single SMS
  • Send bulk SMS
  • Schedule SMS (to be delivered on a later date and time)
  • Check SMS history
  • Save recipients numbers

Soon after you have spotted these features on the dashboard, you can make your choice accordingly.  To learn more on how to send bulk SMS click here or

A Few Bulk SMS Marketing Pointers

We’ve seen some marketers; businesses and organizations do better than others with bulk SMS marketing.  So we have decided to share some bulk SMS marketing tips with you in this article. Below are four pointers to keep in mind as you begin to send out your first bulk SMS from our bulk SMS site.

Choose Your Recipients Carefully 

Sorting out your contacts in groups will help to send the right message to the right people. We suggest that you create as many groups as you want.  For example, if the purpose of your bulk SMS account is to send SMS notifications for your church, you can have contact groups like evangelism team, youth department, women fellowship, children church etc.

Mention Who It’s From 

The beauty of bulk SMS is the fact that you can send messages to your contacts with your name or business name appearing on their phone as the sender. This is usually referred to as the sender ID. Don’t forget to add the sender ID for every bulk SMS you send. This will help the recipient engage with your message rather than see it as spam.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA) 

For your bulk SMS to experience high engagement rate, it is important to include a Call- to- Action (CTA) in the body of the message. Call- to- Action tells the recipients what you want them to do with the information you provide. Call- to- Action could be for them to call you, reply to a short code you provide, clicking on a link to visit your website etc.  For more details on bulk SMS tips and guide click here or

If you are new to bulk SMS marketing, you may not know of the various ways this marketing channel can help grow and thrill your existing and potential customers. Fortunately, our excellent customer support team are always available to respond to all your queries. You can call 08062145589 or email and we’ll be glad to lead you to SMS stardom. Don’t have a bulk SMS account, click to register for free.

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