The Best bulk SMS Service in 2020

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The Best bulk SMS Service in 2020

Learn about the best bulk SMS service in 2020 with this blog post. Are you wondering which bulk SMS provider to choose for your bulk SMS marketing in 2020? We get it! Investing in bulk SMS service might feel a bit overwhelming. Is bulk SMS marketing really worth the investment? Is it easy to get started? Is it easy to manage a bulk SMS account? We’re asked these and other questions all the time. 

In your search for an easy-to-use, proven, and results-driven bulk SMS provider, we recommend partnering with . As an industry leading bulk SMS provider in Nigeria, we are here to ease your concerns.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses succeed with bulk SMS marketing. Using our bulk SMS platform doesn’t require any special knowledge or know-how to start connecting with your customers right away. Additionally, our 24/7 customer support is available to guide you every step of the way. We might be a little biased when we say we offer the best bulk SMS service, but we’re absolutely ready to prove our worth to you, your business and your customers.

Why Is 141SMS The Best Bulk SMS Service to Use In 2020?

141sms is the best bulk SMS service to use in 2020. Did you know that offers the very latest bulk SMS marketing features? Below are some of the amazing features that our customers love:

  1. Over 8 years’ wealth of Experience: we have been delivering bulk SMS since 2010. In this number of years, we have assisted businesses to increase sales by sending bulk SMS online. We are consistent and committed to providing you with quality services.
  2. Drip Campaigns:  Our platform make it easy for you to send a timed series of bulk SMSs. Just upload your contacts, craft your messages, and hit send – it’s that easy.
  3. Keywords and URL: our platform allows you to add short links and keywords to your bulk messages. This will help you increase the rate of opt-ins.

4. Ease of use:  141sms website is easy, and simple to use. Again, it can easily be accessed via a mobile phone. That is to say, our platform is mobile phone responsive. So even without a laptop, you can still register, fund the account and send out bulk SMSs. Click here to learn how to.

5. 24/7 Customer Support: We have a 24/7 support service that works diligently ensuring our customers get the best quality of service from a bulk SMS company. Our customer support staffs are passionate about serving you. You are welcome to contact us anytime.

6. Delivery Report:  We make available instant delivery report of bulk SMS sent for view and download.

7. Customized Sender ID: our platform helps your business appear credible and professional. Any name you use to send a message on will display as used.

8. High Delivery Rate:  we have put in place premium features to get your Bulk SMS high delivery rate. Again, we guarantee your SMS deliver along with your chosen Sender ID.

9. Affordability: Are you looking for cheap bulk SMS? has got you covered. We are the cheapest SMS provider in Nigeria. Register now and begin sending SMS for as low as N1.8Skobo per SMS unit.

10. Free Phone Numbers:  we offer free active and genuine phone numbers to our customers for their marketing purpose. All you need do is register, fund your wallet and the phone numbers will be delivered to your email.

11. Bulk SMS Marketing Tips: we offer our customers tips and strategies to get the best out of bulk SMS Marketing. We are trusted by over 10,000 businesses. We’re a trusted leader in Bulk SMS and we’re here to assist you increase sales, revenue and ROI.

12. Contact Directory:  our platform allows you to save your numbers for personal, group or multiple messages. Saving recipients’ phone numbers on your bulk SMS account enables you to use them to send messages on any device, at any time, and anywhere.

13. Bulk SMS Reselling Business: Do you want to make extra income from bulk SMS business? You can be a part of our bulk SMS Wholesalers. Our platform offers you the opportunity to make extra cash outside your regular 9 am – 5 pm job. Sounds great right?

14. SMS Scheduling: our platform allows you to schedule as many messages as you would want to, sit back and watch it deliver as at the time and date you scheduled it to deliver. Isn’t that amazing?

15. SMS Character Counter:  our character counter displays the number of characters and pages to keep you in check.

16. Referral Bonus:  you don’t have to spend money on bulk SMS units. By just referring people to use our platform you get free SMS units. Once they make the payment, email the referee’s payment details and your username to us via  for your bonus units. Simple!

17. We cover all networks in Nigeria: We send bulk SMS to MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile numbers. So you do not need separate accounts for MTN bulk SMS, Glo Bulk SMS, Airtel Bulk SMS, and 9mobile Bulk SMS. With a bulk SMS account on our bulk SMS website, you can reach all networks in Nigeria.

18. SMS Templates: Use our SMS templates to save valuable time and energy.

Where else can you find the immediacy, personalization, and ease-of-use that our bulk SMS service can deliver?  We are well-equipped to help position your business for sustained bulk SMS marketing success in 2020. Begin your bulk SMS campaign today with Don’t have an account? Click to open a free bulk SMS account. Call 08062145589 or email for further enquiries.

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