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A bulk SMS service is a facility that provides you with the tools and support to reach thousands of people using SMS messages. A bulk SMS service in Nigeria covers all mobile networks. The bulk SMS platform must be reliable, stable. The company that operates the bulk SMS service should have a good customer service and support.
It is an essential part of marketing, customer interaction, and communication. It is a necessity that businesses and organizations greatly need in this extremely competitive digital marketing era. Businesses that launch without adding bulk SMS messaging to part of their marketing tools end up losing out on the numerous benefits that come with being able to reach thousands of customers with your message on their mobile phones.
As a business owner, a bulk SMS marketing can significantly boost your revenues, sales and the repeated purchase.


The beauty of Bulk SMS messaging is that any business or organization, despite the budget, can use it. From the banking and finance sector to retail and religious organizations, education through to sports clubs and insurance, organisations across the board are finding Bulk SMS as an important tool to increase their brand visibility, as well as promote their offers and discount. Bulk SMS messaging as a key tool in marketing; have continued to help a lot of businesses and organizations to grow and increase their revenue.


Today Bulk SMS has proven to be one of the best, cost-effective, instant and targeted marketing platforms. Research has shown that SMS messages have over 90% open rate when compared with other forms of marketing. When using properly, Bulk SMS can result in a 100% increase in sales and revenue.
Below are a few tips on how you can use Bulk SMS service to increase sales and revenue:
• Welcome Message to New Customers: If a customer shows interest in your service and has signed up, it’s good practice to let them know that their details have been received and their interest in the company is appreciated. Sending an SMS to welcome a new customer, speak volume of customer service. This can be achieved by using Bulk SMS which enables you to send out these welcome messages with your customized business name and at a reduced price.

For example,

MESSAGE BODY: Thank you for indicating interest in Graceville. We are thrilled to have you with us. We encourage you to contact us on Gracevilleconsulting@gmail.com at any time with your questions, comments and feedback. John, thank you again for entrusting Graceville Consulting with your most important business needs. We are honoured to serve you.”

• Discount Offers: As a business owner, you can use bulk SMS to inform your customers and potential clients about ongoing offers and discounts using your business name as the Sender ID (Sender ID which is a word or name that represents your business or organization). How do you inform your customers, both existing and new clients about discounts, offers and promos? Statistics have shown that over 93% of text messages are opened within minutes. Bulk SMS can help deliver your promotional messages to thousands of existing and potential customers with just one click simultaneously thereby increasing your revenue and sales.
For example
Sender ID – LuxeEatery
Message Body: Receive discounts on tasty lunch specials. Sign up at www.luxeeatery.com and get a 2% discount on your first order

Another example could be,
The Sender ID – JoyBkStore
The Message Body
All your favourite books at your reach! Joy Bookstore is now mobile. Best deals for 3 days only, visit www.joybookstore.com
• Send Festival Greeting SMS: Sending seasons greeting and new month messages using your business name as the sender ID is a perfect way to get your business registered in the minds of both existing and potential customers as well as family and friends. Bulk SMS during this season will surely increase customers visit your shop.
For example
Sender ID – JoePharmacy
Message Body: Wishing you a colourful new month with lots of achievement and promises fulfilled. From all of us at Joe Pharmacy Ltd
• Using links to promote your online presence: You can add links in Bulk SMS messages to encourage the customer to visit your website and view other offers, new products and blogs.
Bulk SMS Service can help you engage and relate with your customer directly, at a personal level, and can direct them straight to your business. It is important to take advantage of Bulk SMS Service if you desire to increase your sales.


  1. Appointment reminders
  2. Delivery notifications, reminders and alerts
  3. Cancellation notifications
  4. Account status notifications
  5. Transactional alerts and reminders
  6. Staff communications etc


The procedure of opening a Bulk SMS Account and usage is alike for all services, however, tariffs plans and pricing could be different. For example, at 141SMS, the best bulk SMS service to send Bulk SMS to all networks costs N1.85k/SMS. However, other services may offer a different price, so it is only for you to decide what to choose.
Firstly, you need to read the terms, conditions of use for each Bulk SMS Company or Provider, and decide if you are comfortable with his or her conditions.
Secondly, on the tab of any web site, you will find bulk SMS service subscription or a link for it. Use it and fill in personal data. You may be asked to fill in an e-mail address, phone number, name and surname, password, etc. Then decide on the number of SMS Units you would like to purchase and fill this information in too. Remember, that selecting the bundle, you decide on the price and the number of items (texts).
Thirdly, you will be redirected or asked to pay for the service online using your credit card. You get a message on your e-mail with a link or the note of activation of your account. So, log in using your password.
At last, you will be redirected to the web page where you can create your text messages.


People are using bulk SMS messaging every day to improve their business, reach more customers and communicate with family and friends for as low as N1.85K per SMS. Click www.141sms.com to open a free bulk SMS account today. We handle bulk SMS registration in Nigeria. For further enquiry or support, call 08062145589 or email us at info@141sms.com

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