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We welcome you to our bulk SMS Company. We are glad you have chosen us to be your bulk SMS provider. We are so passionate about serving you. Our bulk SMS website is simple and easy to use.

We have a wonderful support service that works diligently ensuring our customers get the best quality of service from a bulk SMS company.

As a bulk SMS Company, we enable organizations of all sizes to send alerts, promotions & news to their customers. We have been delivering bulk SMS messages since 2010. 
Our bulk SMS website serves many purposes. 

Get up to  20% Bonus when you buy Bulk SMS from us.
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We believe that if your customers have phone numbers, then bulk SMS marketing should be part of your strategy. 
Use our bulk SMS Service and see your sales skyrocket.

So looking for cheap bulk SMS with a high delivery rate, you need not look further. 

Remember when you keep in touch with your customers, you become their number one choice. Our bulk SMS website is a great tool for this purpose. 
We have over 8 years’ experience in assisting businesses improve communications and mobile marketing through sending bulk SMS online. Many companies trust us because of our easy to use bulk SMS system.

Act now and get real results from your marketing. Join our bulk SMS service.

Bulk SMS is a great tool for organization of all sizes.


Bulk SMS for School

Bulk SMS is a great tool to advertise a new school. Schools also use bulk SMS to communicate with parents/guardians regarding school fees, meetings, important date e.t.c

Bulk SMS for Retail stores

Retail stores use bulk SMS services to connect with their customers. This helps them build a great relationship and grow revenue.

Bulk SMS for greetings

Individuals and organizations send bulk SMS to their contacts for festival greetings and wishes. Bulk SMS is cost effective for sending Christmas, Ramadan, Eid, Easter. New Year, New month messages e.t.c


Better, easier & quicker delivery of bulk SMS messages

These guidelines are for better,easier and quicker delivery of bulk SMS messages.

1.Ensure you Sender IDs are registered or whitelisted by us. Contact us immediately you register to do so before sending messages.

2. Sender IDs should not start with numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

3. Sender IDs should not contain special characters (@,#,",$,%,&, etc)

4. Sender IDs should not carry Names of mobile operators, commercial banks, famous corporations (facebook, twitter, viber), names of political parties or politicians.

5. Sender IDs should not contain words like cash, money, winner, congrat, congratulations, congratulation, wow, promo, win, bank, loan, coin, credit, gold, silver, diamond, finance, sex, etc

6. Sender IDs are maximum of 11 character numbers.


CASH DEPOSIT: Walk into any of the banks’ branches where we have an account and make a cash deposit. Accounts. Click here to see the list of our bank accounts.
Use your 141SMS username as the depositor. Please immediately after payment send your username, amount deposited and bank to 08062145589 by SMS or WhatsApp. Or you can email us info@141sms.com.

BANK TRANSFER: You can make transfer into any of our bank accounts via Internet, Mobile, USSD Banking,and ATM Transfer.During bank transfer, use your 141SMS username in the narration/reference/details space. Please after transfer send your username, amount deposited and bank to 08062145589 by SMS or WhatsApp. You can email us info@141sms.com. You will be credited as soon as the fund is confirmed. 


DEBIT CARD PAYMENT: You can use debit card for payment powered by paystack and Interswtich. You get instant credit of SMS units when you use debit card to make payments. Accepted card types are Interswitch Verve, Mastercard, and Visa.



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